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Local Ride (7:00am Start!) - Sat. May. 1, 2021

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Please NOTE our start time is 7:00AM

It may still be muddy, so be prepared!:


Enjoy your rides in accordance with the above.
Our health is paramount and we are all committed to follow the regulations in order to safeguard ourselves and our fellow riders.


All cycling activity is at present restricted in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations issued from time to time. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy and will update our site here as and when we have any further information.

For further questions call - Ted 0523520000, Uri Nativ 0522445766 or Rafi Landsman 0523576385 and/or consult the Ministry of Health/ or Covid-19 Guidance Site if you have need for further clarification.

Ride Report - Sat. April 24, 2021 - Local Ride Report -  By Talia

Twelve riders set off from Ra’anana at 7am at a brisk pace with Uri at the helm. The route was a circular one – north through Batzra, west through Tel Itzhak, south along the railway line to Rishpon and Kfar Shmeriyahu, and then east again back into Ra’ananana.

The ride took us past the boutique shops of Rishpon and the Holocaust Research Center (Masua) in Tel Yitzhak. We also rode past the picturesque lake of ‘Maa’gan Shira’, as well as ‘Horshat Ha Nun Mem (Ha’Ekaliptus)’, which in English means Grove of the N.M. (or Eucalyptus Grove). This historical site once housed the N.M. army base, which had been built unnoticed amongst the densely growing Eucalyptus trees and used to secretly store ammunition during Israel’s War of Independence.

A detour was necessary due to an unexpected pond in a tunnel that we had planned to ride through. Uri had gallantly volunteered to test the waters, but after coming to a halt half-way across and wading back through knee-high water, he led us elsewhere. There were also a few sandy patches, which were mainly rideable but left us as breathless as deflated balloons. On the positive side, there were lots of downhills and no really tough climbs.

The goal of the ride was to beat the heat, which we did commendably, getting home before the ‘sharav’ started. There was no granola break, but I soon discovered that a snack tastes as good in the car as it does in the forest, and you don’t have to share it with the flies.

To conclude, it was a fast and extremely enjoyable ride of approximately 28 kilometers, with lovely scenery and great company as usual.

Ride Report - Sat. April 17, 2021 - Horshim Ride Report -  By Arik

רכיבה ביער חורשים

נפגשנו בשבע כי היה צפי לשרב
ואורי הזהיר שהמסלול לא מורכב
יש עליות די תלולות אך הוא אינו מכיר עד תום...
אברהם מגיע... ויוצאים לדרך, למרות החום

סינגל קצרצר אך מורכב למדי
"לחימום הקנה" וחימום הגוף בוודאי
וזהו, רוכבים כאן בכיף
עליות וירידות... כן זה די מעייף

מגיעים ל"נירית" ועוקפים מסביב
דרך "מתן" לתצפית... מראה די מרהיב
חוצים את ירחיב ועולים בפניה
וזהו, אנחנו שוב בחניה

ועכשיו מתלבטים, להמשיך או לחזור
חמישעשר קילומטר, זה מעט כדי לספור
מאידך הקושי והחברה עייפים
ורק בבית רוצים להמשיך את הכיופים

אז בסיכום, הדרך הייתה יפה ומוצלחת מאד
קצת קשה אבל היה בה טעם של עוד
אז על ההשקעה וההובלה לאורי רוב תודות על הכול
נתראה בשבוע הבא עם מרץ גדול

Ride Report - Sat. April 3, 2021 - Local Ride Report -  By Raphi

דוח רכיבה 3 באפריל 2021
קבוצת הרכיבה היום כללה 12 רוכבים בהובלת אורי סער. הדרך שנבחרה הייתה לכיוון אפולוניה - הרצליה וחזרה . במהלך הרכיבה פגשנו (פעמיים) קבוצת רוכבים ותיקי סייקלניקס ששׂמחנו לראות שגם חלק מהם עברו לרכוב על אופניים חשמליים, כאן אנה מצאה הזדמנות לשׂוחח עם גבי בהונגרית. בדרך חזרה כשהגענו לכיכר הלוויתן שאלתי אם גם הפעם נבחר לרכוב צפונה בשביל העפר המקביל לכביש, מסתבר שהחברה עברו את המבחן בהצלחה, ודחו את רעיון העיוועים הזה. פעם אחת הספיקה לנו, למדנו. ככלל המסלול היה נוח, דרכי העפר מהודקים, מזג אוויר מתאים לפעילות ספורטיבית, וחברה מצויינת.

Ride Report - Sat. March. 27, 2021 - Local ride -  By Ted

A Pessach Odyssey

David had to take the reins in view of Uri's unexpected absence. He had some 15? riders to take charge of on Pessach eve or is it morning? Most wanted to be back early and that included a returning Prodigal called John.

Barbara and Benny also turned up so it was another cause for celebration. The cold weather prompted a quick departure so David set off to Bnei Zion from where we carried on to Ronit Farm and then Europe Park in Yaqum. The trails were mostly dry with some rutted dry patches but overall, the conditions were more than satisfactory. After losing Haim we had a breakfast stop at Yaqum Black Iris lookout and after Haim's reappearance we started our return journey back on the western side of Road 2. Several riders left the group to return on a more direct route. At Shfayim we turned east and trailed on via Rishpon and then on to Ra’anana via the Herzliya airport route.

Apart from minor tech issues with Sammi’s bike it was by all accounts a Peassach Odyssey of successful proportions.

Thanks to David and the weather and to Alex who came to Dina’s rescue with a loan of a wind proof jacket.

Ride Report - Sat. March. 20, 2021 - Yarkon ride -  By Shaike

Click HERE for the Yarkon ride Report in PDF format
(editors note: in order to preserve the images and formatting that Shaike used to create this report, I would be doing a disservice to mess with it so you can click the link to open the PDF file for viewing.)

Ride Report - Sat. March. 13, 2021 - Netanya ride -  By Anna

It was a lovely, leisurely ride of about 37-38 km which depends on whose measurement was accepted. Uri led us on a new route that was crisscrossing some of our well known passes. It was mostly on dry land till we got to a "lake/mud" crossing. A generous noble man put down some material for her lady to cross over the obstacle the rest of us beforehand were well mudded. However we dried up while waiting for Uri as he had to navigate Sami back to the nature reserve, where we had a short break to recover his bag. In Nathania, back to our starting point we passed through beautiful public gardens with bike lanes but because of the nice weather the gardens were very crowded with people standing and walking on the bike lanes.

All the bikers, 17, returned together to the parking lot. Most unusual…..

Thanks again Uri.

Ride Report - Sat. March. 6, 2021 - Local Ride -  By

Coming soon

Ride Report - Sat. Feb. 27, 2021 - Pora Reserve Ride Report -  By Ted

I thought that these two rides in the south one week after the previous were two sides of the same coin so this is a joint report about two magnificent consecutive rides down south.

Both rides included a little over a dozen riders and started in cold temperatures and ended in perfect sunny weather.

The earlier ride which began in Kibbutz Dorot was mainly singles and traversed from west to east and the later ride which began in the Pura Reserve moved from east to west and kibbutz ruhama was the extreme point in both rides.

The Dorot ride also included patches of wide open spaces and wooded hill climbs whereas the Pura ride was in wide open range with slight undulating hills often covered in wheat stretching N,S,E.W.

The Pura ride was dominated by the Ruhama Badlands (see the aerial phot) which provided us to do some ups n downs on wide trails with an occasional touch of mud. In both rides we stopped for a snack in shaded points and the photos clearly show that the riders were in their element.

I could continue with more details but perhaps the best story is told by the photos. Enjoy and thanks to Uri for a sterling job or is it a shekel?

2-3 km less of the Ride of Hope (Galgalei Tikva) - by Anna

Some of the "oldies" in Cyclenix have done this ride at least once. We started at 8 o'clock with 16 riders at the Pura parking lot following Uri's led.

The weather was just right for riding. The view was beautiful. It was so green everywhere and spotted here and there with red and yellow flowers. There were lots of up and downs but all of us managed quite well even surviving the puddles and mud patches on the way. However we met some motor bikers that dared to cross the mud and eventually sunk into it really badly. There were not only lots of riders but hundreds of people were walking and climbing up on the hills. The highlight of the day was the picnic when we got back to the cars.

Many-many thanks to you all that brought cakes, food, drinks.

Ride Report - Sat. Feb. 20, 2021 - The Ride of the Four Parks -  By Anna

On the 20th of February, 11 of us showed up for the ride in Ra'anana, and we were promised a safe dry ride. At the beginning it was a bit chilly but by the time we got to our 1st station in Kfar Saba we managed to warm up.

I don't know how that I managed to lose the group in the park, but as this is my "home ground" I got back to the riders in Hod Hasharon before the 2nd park. In Hod Hasharon we were introduced to a most unusual house/museum with a collection of articles from a long forgotten time. After our visit to the house we headed to Herzliya through Givat Hen where the ground wasn't so dry and I manage to fall into a nice puddle. Our photographer complained that I got up much too quick so he missed the real action.

In Givat Hen we got to a cross road where we had to decide how to carry on as some of the riders wanted to go on the trail parallel to 531 so they went off. However Uri had his route towards the next park and only four of us carried on to the park in Herzliya. The 4th park was in Raanana but we didn't go in. Uri and Yael rode up to their car, Rafi rode home to Kfar Saba and I rode to our sweet home in Raanana.

Lovely ride, thank you Uri.

Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 26, 2020 - Netanya Ride Report -  By Anna

20 riders turned out for our Saturday ride. It was very cold when we arrived at the parking lot. I waited inside the car with 3 layers on to keep myself warm up till our leader announced "off we go". It started up on dry land with a bit of ups and downs towards Bait Aharon. The problems started when we headed towards Nahal Alexander. Did we see mud!? That glorious mud even "invited" Ingrid to roll into it. I hope that she has already recovered and her bike is back to its sparkling colour. I just biked through all the puddles getting mighty dirty from head to toe. We stopped next to the bridge over the river watching turtles and ducks and finally singing for Rafi " היום יום הולדת..". On the way back we encountered a locked gate that forced us to change direction. When Uri warned us about a deep slope I lowered my seat, just in case, however the seat wouldn't spring back to its original height and it slowed down my riding. After the mud dried up on us a strong wind from the east sprinkled us with sand. After about 27 km we got back with great spirit to the cars.

Many thanks from us to Uri for the excellent new route.

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Local Ride (7:00am Start!)    Sat. May. 1, 2021

Next ride: Home Patch with appropriate social distancing
NEW TIME!! home patch rides start at 7:00am

Please NOTE our start time is 7:00AM

It may still be muddy, so be prepared!:

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Family: Father of 3 children and a devoted grandfather of 7 grandchildren (+ 1 in the near future).

Education: Technion Haifa, Faculty of Industrial & Management Engineering.

Work Experiences: A wide variety of work places and activities which included implementation of salary incentive methods, systems improvement, as well as project management, factory construction, logistics and the purchaser for electronic companies etc. For the last 30 years until my retirement I served as Vice President Operations in a large and well known data communications company.

Hobbies: A few ? which I enjoyed for a short while only - a self-defense course, wind surfing, sailing an 420 sailing dinghy, horse riding, Jeep driving.

Others - which I constantly enjoy - reading (especially subjects on meditation, fiction, thrillers, adventures), participating in many different kinds of lectures (Bible research, leaders and people who have influenced world history, globalization, linguistic changes in the Hebrew language, subjects relating to cinematography etc.) walking Israel trails (including the Shvil Israel), traveling abroad and, as (you may have guessed!)....cycling in Israel and abroad.

As I am still quite young, I hope to add a few more hobbies in the future!!


  1. ARRIVE ON TIME - Your time is no more important than anyone else’s. Check the night before for air in the tires and that all is in proper working order.
  2. RIDE PACE - This usually determines itself depending upon who and how many are riding. A smaller group is almost always quicker, while larger rides tend to be more relaxed and chatty – accept this reality!
  3. KEEPING UP - Try to keep up with the pace of the group – it makes for a more enjoyable ride for everyone. If there is consensus that the pace is too fast, tell the leader!
  4. NOBODY GETS LOST - Make sure that there is someone behind you who sees your riding direction. If not, wait until someone sees you before you continue… that person behind you will do the same. If everyone in the group does this, nobody gets lost and the group does not have to stop as a whole. We need to have space between riders – it is acceptable that the group is spread out, as long as you have sight contact with the rider in front of you.
  5. YIELD – YIELD – YIELD - Always keep to the right unless you are passing. If you want to pass, make sure they are aware of your intention. Never change “lanes” before making sure you are clear to do so – sudden moves with no warning can cause an accident.
    If you have to dismount due to sand, mud, a technically difficult uphill, etc., pull off the path, so as not to impede the momentum of the riders behind you.
    Always yield to pedestrians, hikers, horses (all are unpredictable!).
    If a rider approaches from the opposite direction and there is no room to safely pass, be prepared to pull off the path and stop.
    The rider going uphill ALWAYS has right of way.
    Restricted Line of Sight? Slow down, increase your awareness and be ready to stop. If you are coming to a blind curve, ring your bell or yell “BEEP, BEEP”.
  6. STAY TOGETHER –If you head up to the front of the ride or pulling away from the group always wait at the next junction for everyone to catch up. If you need to head back to the carpark, phone the leader, or at very least make sure you ask someone in the group to tell the leader.
  7. TECHNICAL SECTIONS – Always wait until there is a safe distance between you and the rider in front before beginning a technical section. If you end up behind a slower rider don’t ride too close behind, it only increases the pressure on that rider and can cause an accident. Hang back and give both of you space to enjoy the trail until you can overtake safely.
    On a section that you would prefer not to ride, walk well clear of the track.
  8. BE PREPARED - Ride with spare inners and/or puncture kits, tools, pump and basic first aid kit. Always wear a helmet, sunglasses, sunscreen, have plenty of water and some snacks. Do NOT wear earphones when riding – hearing what is happening around you is important.


Contact Info.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch for any reason, feel free to get in touch with David or John:

David: 054-474-1424
John: 050-942-2788


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  1. He/she is in good health and there is no medical reason preventing him/her from participating in the ride.
  2. He/She releases the organizers of the tour from all claims arising out of, in consequences of any loss, injury, damage to his/her person or property while participating in the ride.
  3. He/She is aware of and accepts the risks in participating in the ride.

New riders always welcome to join us.

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