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Pesach - no planned ride - April 20, 2019

There will be no planned ride today as it's Pesach.:

Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 24, 2016 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

Number of Participants: 14
Weather: Cold, but no rain and little wind
Ground conditions: Very muddy in parts but, none of those horrible "sand traps".

First let me say that today the group was like a headless and tailless animal. Our leader David and our sweep Ted were not with us, Ted because of a knee injury!!! We wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he will soon be back in the saddle.

We rode along an oft ridden route with only one incident... Arik's back wheel suffered a puncture which took forever to repair. The first repair wasn't successful and a second change of inner tube was necessary!!! Apart from that all went well. Everyone had a good time and didn't overheat. As we often do, we finished off at one of our favourite "watering holes" where we socialized, satisfied our thirsts and hunger and then headed for home. Another 29 + kms of good exercise and fun under our belts.

See you this coming Saturday, the last ride of the year (weather permitting).

Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 17, 2016 - Wet Home Patch -  By Raphi

הרכיבה הפעם נועדה לאמיצים מבינינו שלא היססו לצאת לדרך למרות טפטופי הגשם. הפעם התכנסנו פחות מחמישה עשר רוכבים, למעשה היינו שלושה: חיים, אריק ואני. בהמלצתו של חיים החלטנו לתת מענה ל-"Desert Challenge" ויצאנו ל-"kvish 531 Challenge ". מדובר בקטע החדש של הכביש המתחבר לנתיבי איילון. הכוונה היתה להספיק לרכוב שם לפני ההפעלה שלו שאמורה לקרות בחופשת החנוכה. כמובן שסיימנו בשלושת המקומות הראשונים. ההוא שמחלק את המדליות לא הגיע כנראה בגלל הגשם, במקום זה שתינו לימונצ'לו שחיים הביא בתור פרס ניחומים למנצחים. וכרגיל אי אפשר לסיים רכיבה כזו בלי פנצ'ר, אז אריק הצליח לספק לנו גם את החוויה הזו. מזג האוויר היה לטובתינו. הגשם פסק מיד בהתחלה השמיים התבהרו והשמש האירה פניה. בסך הכל היה לנו טיול נעים בחברה טובה וביום יפה.

And now for something completely different. A missive from Ted:
the sun did not shine
but the weather was fine
so three riders set out
and got a flat almost right out
but on they did ride
with time on their side
a drink L'chello
was fine for the fellow
who straight did ride
with no wobble to side
the rain drops were light
the sky also bright
so the moral is there
for those who dare
the winners take all
the losers the fall
a warm bed may work
for some lazy jerk

Kol hakavod for the three magnificent men on their riding machines

Ride Report - Sat. Dec 10, 2016 - Arugot Ride Report -  By Raphi

התכנסנו חמישה עשר רוכבים במושב ערוגות לרכיבה מהנה בסביבה חקלאית בנוף מקסים ובמזג אויר מושלם.

הטיול החל עם נקר באופניים של אורי נתיב, המשיך באופניים של חיים והסתיים באופניים של אירית . חוץ מהתקלות הקטנות האלה מכשיר הניווט של דיויד זייף ואנחנו נאלצנו לחזור על עקבותינו פה ושם. את הוראות הניווט המועילות ביותר קיבלנו מאייל החתן של טד ודיינה שטייל בסביבה עם שניים מילדיו, אותם פגשנו שוב בסוכת הגפנים בראש הגבעה. משם ניתן היה לצפות למרחקים , מהשומרון במזרח, עד לאשדוד במערב. לאחר מנוחה והתאוששות שמנו פעמינו בחזרה לנקודת המוצא בערוגות. לארוחת הבוקר (צהריים) התכנסנו ב"קפה-קפה" בגדרה שלשם הגענו רק לאחר שה-waze הביא אותנו למקום אחר ובעזרת המקומיים הגענו ליעד.

בסיכומו של יום הרווחנו חוויה נהדרת בתנאי רכיבה מושלמים.

Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 3, 2016 - Home Patch ride report -  By Talia

There were eleven people at the meeting point this morning, taking a gamble against the weather. John and Michal were there too, to tell us in person that they wouldn't be joining, and that neither would David nor Ted. So with the absence of the Board of Directors, we Cyclenix peons were left to our own devices.

Haim suggested a really nice ride that he had taken us on in the past, so we set off. We had just cycled past the cemetery and out of Ra'anana, when a puncture brought us all to a sudden halt. As standing around in the cold isn't everyone’s cup of tea, Barbara decided to return home. The rest of us continued on bravely towards Batsra (which, as Haim enlightened us, is not the Batsra in Iraq where Saddam Hussein was born).

We then rode past a rather nasty smell and stopped at a water purification plant. It was swarming with birds, despite the fact that it probably has no fish. We agreed that microbes must be tasty treats for birds too. From Batsra we crossed under Route 4 and continued on through Sde Warburg and Tsofit. After Tsofit, we cycled through Kfar Saba and into Ra'anana, where some of the group stopped at Landwer's for coffee.

According to the forecasts it was not meant to rain, but they were wrong (and probably not for the last time). Half way through the ride a slight drizzle started, which got stronger as we reached Kfar Saba. It was definitely bearable though, and Yael and I both agreed that we'd take the cool freshness of a winter drizzle over the hellish heat of summer any time.

Because of the weather, we stayed mainly in the villages to avoid the mud. It was nice seeing the gorgeous houses as well as people out and about. The area was hilly, so even though the ride was shorter today, it was still quite challenging. They were too many dogs for my liking, but Uri tried to calm my down by telling me about his own family's four-legged friends.

It was a lovely ride of approximately 20 KMs in good company, so thanks to Haim and everyone else who made it happen against all odds!

Ride Report - Sat. Nov. 26, 2016 - Home Patch -  By John

Despite the colder weather 17 of us met at the usual spot to ride a route often traversed by us but this time in reverse! The photos tell the story.

We encountered not too much sand and the fruit trees were well on the way to "picking season". A distance of 30 kms was covered and we finished up at our favourite "watering hole", Landwers in the industrial area of Ra’anana where they lived up to their good reputation of good food and drink and good service with a smile. Another enjoyable ride with great company had come to an end.

Ride Report - Sat. Nov 19, 2016 - Eshtaol - Kisalon - Ein Limon -  By Arik

לרכוב במעלה נחל כסלון😃 דורש גם רצון, גם כח ואון😃 ואנחנו כך בבוקרה של שבת😃 יצאנו לרכוב בחדווה ללא חת😃 מזג האויר היה קצת מוזר😃 הרוח נשבה, אפילו היה קצת קר😃 אבל אנו, כאמור, ללא מורא ללא פחד😃 ההרה עלינו, כולנו ביחד😃 וכצפוי,זה לא "הלך" בקלות😃 והיה צורךברצון חזק ונחישות😃 אבל המאמץ היה שווה כי בסוף😃 מה שקובע ממש....זה הנוף😃 והנוף היה יפה וירוק😃 וההר הוסיף כאן עוד נופך עמוק😃 ותחושה נהדרת של ארץ יפה😃 ששווה את המאמץ לצפות בנופה😃 ...נו, בירידה שעטנו במלוא התנופה😃 היה פנצ'ר, בזריזות פנימית הוחלפה😃 וקינחנו ב"נווה שלום" ושם במסעדה😃 המשכנו ליהנות מאווירה כה נחמדה😃 בסיכום, יום נעים ביותר😃 יום שבו אתה הביתה חוזר😃 בתחושה נעימה, מין שימחה בחזה😃 שכדאי לעשות עוד טיול שכזה

Ride Report - Sat. Nov. 12, 2016 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Anna

Saturday 7:30 am. 21 of us are ready at our meeting point for our next challenge, and by 7:45 we are on our way for our weekly 30-40 km ride.

It turned out that David planned a pleasure ride "the bamboo ride" up to the Baptist village with a bit of Meril's help as at one point one can take a wrong turn. It went quite smooth till we got to water crossings; one was simple all of us did it getting wet and muddy, the next was more challenging full of stones covered by the water. So we decided to walk through except two brave men, Michael, a new comer, and Ted. Michael almost did it falling just before getting to the other side but Ted put on a better show, OUCH, falling in the water in the middle face down. The first question of "the good souls": Is your cellular phone OK? He put on a brave face but he did manage to hurt himself and felt pain when we stopped riding. Take care yourself Ted!

Half way back David announced that he found a new route for a change which to our surprise led us to Elishema. So we decided to have our feast at Lula & Kuba.

By this time the group dwindled down to 12. With a good rest and full belly we were ready to head back to Raanana. I usually take this route when we do the Elishema ride. Even the locals joined me to find their way to Hod Hasharon. At Kfar Malal the group split, some rode toward the junction and back on Ahuza. Six of us carried straight on through Ramat Hashavim and Givat Hen, complaining that the other route would have been shorter. Well, I don't know if it is longer or not but for me it is the best way to get home.

Barbara left us early probably for dancing. The others were eager to get home. We missed our regular members: Ingrid, Rafi, Yochi, Frances. Hope to see you all next week.

Ride Report - Sat. Nov. 5, 2016 - Sovev Tel Gezer (Latrun Area) -  By Tracy

I was asked to accompany a group of Cyclenixers on a ride in the Hulda area. We rode near the base of the Judean hills, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

After getting hold of a map and emphasizing my uncertainty about the route, we set off. 18 people in all braved the changing terrain. Starting at Beit Hertzel, in the Hulda forest we rode passed vineyards, fields and scrub, towards Tel Gezer.

Tel Gezer is an archaeological park, there are remnants from the Middle Bronze Age and the early Kingdom of Israel. One of the most impressive examples is the Gezer waterworks, established either during the Canaanite period or the Israelite period.

From Tel Gezer we made our way towards and through Kfar Bin Nun, from there heading towards Ya'ar Ha'meginim. Missing our turn off, we ended up adding a bit more climbing to the route, than was planned but reach the rest stop in good time. Some people made the most of the stop and even managed to catch a few winks, other sufficed with climbing on a horse and having a bite to eat. The grove we sat in had a memorial site dedicated the holocaust survivors, with no families, who served in the Gaha"l and were killed in the line of duty - an olive tree surrounded by stone with the names of the 436 people killed.

After riding along the edge of the forest, enjoying a longish downhill segment, we reached the first of two special POI's. The anchored armored car was place in memory of the infantry unit that served in the area and the 2nd point of interest is a complete Nord airplane that was placed there in memory of the Paratroopers 317 Unit.

There happened to be an event for people with horses so the whole area was full of horse carts, mobile homes and equipment - therefore not very peaceful or quiet. We moved on passing parsley fields and scrub, I can't wait for the rain to paint everything green again.

At the Nachshon junction we missed the turn and went up road 44, instead of going back into the field and up to the combat engineering memorial. It was unanimously decided to get back to the cars by the short route - the road.

I must note - it is always a pleasure to ride with you and I enjoyed the time spent together. Next time will be better and I know we will go back to the area as there is a lot more to see.

Shavua Tov.

(Footnote: Thanks Tracy for leading us on this most interesting and enjoyable ride and introducing many of us to a new biking area. We will certainly be doing this ride again, and hope that you will join us once more - David)

Ride Report - Sat. Oct. 29, 2016 - The Hills are Alive... -  By Francis

21 of us gathered to set off in the light of day - the clocks have now gone back an hour which means lighter earlier from next week.

I think we climbed what seemed to me to be all the possible hills on a home-patch ride!

Beth, visiting from Nottingham, came back again this week - she is leaving on Sunday - and if she came back for more, it means she must have enjoyed it! So, Bon Voyage to Beth and we hope you will bring your cycling enthusiast friends to visit too. We meandered along through Batzra and Rishpon, enjoying the mild morning. All was well until Uri had a puncture on the way back. Well, I think history was made in Cyclenix - the longest time ever to fix a puncture. Some of us set off home - me included as my energy was seeping away just about at the pace of the air from my tube (I think a valve problem) - so I decided it was prudent to head off before another tube had to be fixed...

Eventually, the group enjoyed a well-earned break and refueling at Landwer. Thanks to David for leading us up and down and through the sand....

Now, imagine Julie Andrews singing:
The hills are alive
with the sound of panting
With sighs they have heard for many years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of beating
My heart wants to beat with every pant it hears
My heart want to beat
like the wings of the birds that rise from the path to the trees.

Ride Report - Sat. Oct. 22, 2016 - Coming soon -  By Ted

The Yarkon river ride is for me a recurring traumatic experience because it was my first bike 18 years ago after 40 years of abstaining from that wonderous opiate of biking. I eventually finished that ride, a Ronny Green Wheeler event (the only one I ever paid for) and even Magen Davids efforts to resuscitate me barley succeeded. But the next week I shrugged it all off and Dina and I both bought our first bikes, the infamous Raleigh. My recollection of that first Yarkon bike ride is dust, wheezing and more dust and more wheezing, gasping for air, dodging ruts and toppling over into the cane face forward, still clad in my regular sloppy shorts and oversized helmet and then being rescued with my face red not only from the burning sun. So when David suggested on Sat that we head for the Yarkon I broke out in rashes, flipped over and frothed at the mouth and even the presence of 25 other riders did little to reassure me and return my composure. David's calming voice and explanation of a recently discovered route finally brought down my 220 pulse to a normal 130 and off we went.

Shaul's presence and our visiting rider Beth together with Prodigal Denis who popped over to see whose still alive inspired me to focus on the task ahead. Herding the riders from the rear with my two alternating Sweepers, Uri and Sasha. The latter always updates me on his latest cooking journeys into the culinary so my grumbling stomach ignited by his detailed description of the delightful dishes is a wonderful distracter and very soon I started to enjoy the ride. I also rode alongside Beth briefly and gave her a run down on the citrus grove and our past illustrious history as the Citrus capital of Europe and the origins of the Jaffa Brand,( the Jaffa port in Mandate times) now disgracefully sold to some outfit whose real owners are probably some Sheiks in the Gulf. Munching on barely ripe souring Grapefruit was indeed an embarrassing reminder of our past glory as leaders in Agriculture and one wonders why the Govt is systematically destroying Ag., this vital part of our economy.

The route was amazingly clear of the post winter ruts (soon to come upon us) and were in no time on the return portion via the southern bank of the Yarkon which also enabled us to ride thru some cane tunnels. Weather was autumn perfect and in no time we were in Hod Hasharon where we stopped over at CafeCafe for a great breakfast. The beer swill mob were in full form while others opted for the mundane but delicious fare the place offers. A place worth recommending!!!

Thanks David... and I won't be needing my Prozac after the Yarkon ride (at least not this Time)... but why am I breaking out in sweat every time I type "YYYYAAAARRRRRKKKOONNN"
Incidentally Dina who also dislikes that ride send her love and Shana Tova to all!!!

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1946 Born in Poland
1957 Made Aliya with family and lived 4 years in Kfar Shalem
1961 Moved to Kiryat Shalom ; went to ORT technical college
1967 Was drafted to IAF ; served as anti-aircraft missiles technician
1970 Married Judith ; started Engineering studies in TLV
1971 Moved to Holon ; Michael was born - father of Noa and Jonathan
1973 Spent 3 months in "Africa" - Fayid air base
1974 Got an engineering degree and later has been working for 40 years with IDF Signal Corps , Telrad , Tadiran , RAD and Elbit mainly in Reliability and Quality management
1976 Ziv was born - father of Tamar and Shachar
1983 Liana was born - expects to give birth in 12/18
1997 Moved to Raanana
2013 Retired from work

Over time was involved in a variety of sports :

  • Basketball
  • Judo
  • Diving
  • Tennis
  • Biking: :In 2004 I fell from a ladder and crashed my hip joint (recovery took about 2 years). The professor In hospital suggested that biking might assist cohesion (putting pressure on the joint).
I started biking since - it had indeed a good effect

The Cyclenix Group
2013 - I joined after Hylton Sher draw my attention to the Group
Since then I enjoy biking weekly with this friendly group of people it's a lot of fun too

My Away-Away biking history:

2015 Danuba trail (Vienna Budapest)
2016 France (Loir valley)
2017 Poland (Zakopane/Krakow)
2018 Bulgaria/Greece (Sofia Halkidiki)
2019 Czech republic (Ceski Krumlov Prague)

My bikes history:

1960 Diamant (East Germany)
2006 Fuji (Japan)
2008 GT (USA)
2014 Santacruz (USA)
2018 Megamo (Spain)

My Happy hobby:
Making Lemonchelo : Lemons from my tree + Vodka/Ouzo
Sipping/Drinking with friends


  1. ARRIVE ON TIME - Your time is no more important than anyone else’s. Check the night before for air in the tires and that all is in proper working order.
  2. RIDE PACE - This usually determines itself depending upon who and how many are riding. A smaller group is almost always quicker, while larger rides tend to be more relaxed and chatty – accept this reality!
  3. KEEPING UP - Try to keep up with the pace of the group – it makes for a more enjoyable ride for everyone. If there is consensus that the pace is too fast, tell the leader!
  4. NOBODY GETS LOST - Make sure that there is someone behind you who sees your riding direction. If not, wait until someone sees you before you continue… that person behind you will do the same. If everyone in the group does this, nobody gets lost and the group does not have to stop as a whole. We need to have space between riders – it is acceptable that the group is spread out, as long as you have sight contact with the rider in front of you.
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    If you have to dismount due to sand, mud, a technically difficult uphill, etc., pull off the path, so as not to impede the momentum of the riders behind you.
    Always yield to pedestrians, hikers, horses (all are unpredictable!).
    If a rider approaches from the opposite direction and there is no room to safely pass, be prepared to pull off the path and stop.
    The rider going uphill ALWAYS has right of way.
    Restricted Line of Sight? Slow down, increase your awareness and be ready to stop. If you are coming to a blind curve, ring your bell or yell “BEEP, BEEP”.
  6. STAY TOGETHER –If you head up to the front of the ride or pulling away from the group always wait at the next junction for everyone to catch up. If you need to head back to the carpark, phone the leader, or at very least make sure you ask someone in the group to tell the leader.
  7. TECHNICAL SECTIONS – Always wait until there is a safe distance between you and the rider in front before beginning a technical section. If you end up behind a slower rider don’t ride too close behind, it only increases the pressure on that rider and can cause an accident. Hang back and give both of you space to enjoy the trail until you can overtake safely.
    On a section that you would prefer not to ride, walk well clear of the track.
  8. BE PREPARED - Ride with spare inners and/or puncture kits, tools, pump and basic first aid kit. Always wear a helmet, sunglasses, sunscreen, have plenty of water and some snacks. Do NOT wear earphones when riding – hearing what is happening around you is important.


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David: 054-474-1424
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  3. He/She is aware of and accepts the risks in participating in the ride.

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