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Away ride - Sat. Sept. 21, 2019

Circular Route Around the Yarkon Area:

Meeting Point: the top parking lot (on HaAguda Street) of the Four Seasons Park, Hod HaSharon
Start Time: 7.00am
Please get to the meeting point in good time to start ON TIME
Waze Link:

After the ride we will stop for our usual “Breakfast”

Ride Report - Sat. Oct. 3, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Richard

Well, it's been a while since I have been asked to do the report, so here it is. It has seemed like a long, hot summer, so with it cooling off a little bit, John had mercy on us and changed the starting time to 7am! Yippy, another half hour of sleep!

We began at our regular starting spot in Ra'anana with 22 brave souls. It was so nice to have David and Ted back, both the beginning and the end guys, David leading and Ted the sweep. We all headed north on road until a left jog to the drainage creek. We continued a little longer to the north going through one of the tunnels/bridges for the new 531 road before turning toward the west.

Heading up and over road 2 riding past the water park at Shefayim and into Arsuf for a great view overlooking the Mediterranean. Stopping for a few minutes to have a snack, water and conversation before continuing the ride. We rode north going next to Ga'ash golf course before turning back to the east. David had compassion on us and so we made a bee line to Landwer's but not before going up one last hill. The temperature did warm up but the humidity seemed a bit lower.

At the end, we enjoyed breakfast and drinks as always with great company. See you all on the next ride and have a great week. Chag Sameach.

Ride Report - Sept. 19, 2015 - Tel Mond, Kadima and Ilanot -  By Michal

After about 2 months of home patch rides we finally had an away ride!

The weather has finally improved with the humidity down, temperatures down, sand storm has blown away and all our riders are back from their cycling adventures overseas.

20 of us gathered this morning not too far from home as our ride started at the high school in Tel Mond. A very special guest (I'm biased), new rider, Yoav AKA "The King" joined us for part of the ride... or so we intended. With a humongous smile all over his face, he greeted everyone who was surprised to see a 9 year old join the group. Ilan, our graceful leader for the day, led us out of Tel Mond straight into the fields heading towards Tzoran. We turned into Kadima forest to Tzur moshe, where Yoavi was supposed to be fetched. He was up for more and we just couldn't bear to part from him just yet...

We arrived at Ilanot forest and had a quick stop at the maze, where John, Yoav, Ingride and I dared to take on the adventure of finding our way out. We also searched for the cork trees... in Ilanot forest, live two most amazing trees, the type that corks are made out of. Needless to say that they were climbed... next to the different types of trees were barcodes that one could scan with a Smartphone and it would open a YouTube video with the explanation of the tree.

I personally am in awe of that!

We continued from Ilanot forest, the east side, where we crossed under road number 4 to the west side of it and continued to ride around the forest with Netanya in the not so far distance. Back through the forest straight into Kadima and back to Tel Mond. Sadly we didn't stop at biggest rocking horse in the world which is located in Kadima.

At the entrance of Tel Mond, Alon had a brush up with a feisty Bougainvillea, leaving him with a nasty cut on his face. John cleaned him all up and we all arrived in one piece back at the high school parking lot.

The majority of the ride route was "Derech Halev", which is a riding route that surrounds the entire area of Lev Hasharon. John stayed faithful to his normal shenanigans with Ingride and Yochi as his main targets. Yoav was amused of the fact that he was more mature than John... At the end he stayed with us for the whole 24km's and had a great time thanks to all the friendly riders of Cyclenix!

We then had a nice breakfast stop at Aroma at the mall in Bnei Dror where Yvette joined us with her father who is in Israel for a visit.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 12, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

Well, after a week of sandstorms and talk of cancelling today's ride because of severe air-pollution, the weather changed for the better and 12 of us met at our usual place for our usual Saturday outing on our two wheeled steeds. The was a wee delay at the beginning because Hylton's steed went lame and a tube replacement was needed. In the absence of Ted and David (both incapacitated) Rafi performed very well, and we were soon on our way. It was hot and the route had its fair share of sandy patches. We cut the route short (22 kms) because of the heat and at 9am on the dot 7 of the 12 riders (the others had to head for home because of family commitments) met at our favourite spot, Landwers to satisfy our thirst and hunger and chat about the year the was just coming to an end. We were joined by Anna, just back from the overseas trip she put together for herself and a group of Cyclenix riders. What makes a ride enjoyable is the great company, and this ride was no exception. Get-well soon wishes go to David and Ted.

Wishing everyone in Cyclenix and their families a very happy New Year. See you next year.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 5, 2015 - Home patch ride report -  By Talia

The group of riders who showed up today at 6:30 am was of an unusual composition. Ingride arrived without David, who is recovering from a cycling accident; Ilan arrived without Yvette, who is in Poland with their daughter; and John arrived without his bike to tell us that he had a bad back (and then returned to bed, I hope). Megan was back after a six-month break, accompanied (or rather persuaded) by her friend Sonia who has just emigrated from France. A second newcomer was Meir, who was riding alone because his wife was unwell. Richard then told us that unfortunately his wife, too, had fallen from her bike the week before. So I'd like to to give a warm welcome to Sonia and Meir, and to wish a speedy recovery to all those who are poorly.

There were only ten of us with none of the regular organizers, so Meir, Ilan and Meryl put their heads together and came up with a very nice route. We set off along Weizman Street and turned right into the fields just in front of Kiryat Sharet. We passed the Ra'anana cemetery and then headed north in parallel to (and east of) the Rishpon River. Approaching Route 553 we turned east, riding through Tel Itzhak, and then slowly making our way south again. We then headed towards Route 5511 and continued south past Bnei Zion and Batzra. From there it was back to Ra'anana and coffee.

It was a cordial group despite the heat. Conversation covered a variety of topics, including the influence of chemicals on the brain and the educational benefits of television. We agreed that we are actually a very scientific group and that riding teaches us a lot, especially about gravity.

Meryl found a pouch containing an iPhone and enough money for at least one round of coffee for us all at Landver, but decided to find the rightful owner by calling some of his contacts (at 7am on a Saturday morning). Luckily he returned on his bike before she got the chance, and provided enough information to convince us that the pouch was his. He then received a little lecture from some of us, and will never ever lose his phone again, ever!

There were a few impressive sewage puddles to cross - which we tackled like heroes - and quite a bit of sand. On one of the stops Michal kindly passed around a bag of nuts, raisons, and dried peas that she had prepared, to compensate for the bag that Rafi always brings along (when he is not overseas). She did have some trouble opening this packet of nuts, however, which people seemed to think explained a lot.

We gently made our way back to Ra'anana, with Meir and Avraham heading home a little earlier. I couldn't stop for coffee today, but understand that the group was met by John and Uri, and that a good time was had by all.

To conclude, it was a 22 km ride, shorter than usual but a lot of fun and great exercise.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 29, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

Michal was supposed to do the write up but when I got her report it read as follows: "We met. We rode. We ate!" so I thought I'd enlarge on it a wee bit!

Eleven of us met at our usual meeting point and considering that a large number of our riders are abroad taking part in a biking happening arranged by Anna this can be considered as a good turnout. Hopefully Anna will arrange to have photos posted from time to time. It was also good to have our regular leader David back with us from a boat/bike Hat Tours cycling trip in France with Ingride. It was also great to have Ingride's tyre back as a target!!!! and Hylton wasn't there to save the day.

We were also back to 32.kms plus as David refused to allow short cuts!!!

There were one or two complaints about not getting away in time so at the request of a nameless one I'm asking everyone to note that our meeting time at the beginning of our rides is 10 MINUTES before the starting time!!!

We eventually made a start 11 minutes late (not a catastrophe) and made our way via the Ra'anana cemetery towards Shefayim, the fields of Yaqum, through Udim and then back again to our favourite breakfast spot "Landwers" where we are always assured of good food and good service.

The route did not present us with any problems; not too many sandy stretches; no serious up-hills; no break-downs or punctures; and weather that only really heated up near the end of the ride. Apart from a few stops to drink, we had one extra stop to allow Michal to engage in one of her favourite pastimes... tree climbing. The aerial photo could have been more exciting, but she refused to jump from a higher point!!!! Michal, you'll have to practice!!!!

A distance of some 32 kms was covered and everything that went to make up the ride like the company, the route, the food ensured that we had a great ride. If you were one of those riding with us, thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 22, 2015 - Ride Report -  By Michal

This 06:30 thing really has to stop! Can't wait for autumn!
12 of us leaderless riders set off like chickens running around without their heads...
who will lead? Well we dumped the gig on Rafi, who ditched early "because when the wife calls you don't ignore" or at least that's what we were fed... :)
We decided to stick to bike paths and fairly sand less terrain.
On the 531 road toward Herzliya, continuing south within the city...
surprisingly the weather wasn't too bad, at least at the beginning.
After crossing the bridge at cinema city our substitute leader passed over the reign to...
well I don't think an official leader was really appointed at this part but more like a group of united individuals working together in a mutual attempt to make it home safe and sound.
Except for Ted deciding on Tapuz as our breakfast stop! Granted the idea was logical with the route of our ride but there was not one participator who actually would have yay-ed the option if given a chance. But we did not blame Ted for any bad service due to the pattern that the restaurant has well established, we all expected it.
I can't recall Hylton ever getting what he ordered in the past so today was relatively a success when he did get his coffee and mentioned it to be good. The croissant on the other hand was not ordered so we can't complain about it not arriving... we are still waiting to hear when they will have croissants.
I neglected to mention that Yochi and Anna cut away from the group somewhere before Tapuz. I can only guess that they had to hurry home or were trying to beat the heat because there is no other logical reasoning to ditching such a fun bunch for breakfast :)
We all continued to ride back to Raanana through the back roads of Herzliya to avoid the steep climb up to Yerushalayim. John and I stopped for a quick photo op while Ted had a bit of a puncture but all was good.
John definitely misses Ingride! And we can only put at fault her absence to him BSing us about quitting riding with the group come the New Year... actually it's John, so BS is his main game...
We did about 30 km's and survived to tell the story... see ya next week!

Ride Report - Sat. Aug . 15, 2015 - Ride Report -  By Yvette

The early start and hot weather didn't seem to put off many riders this week.
All together, a head count of 14 was taken and new rider Irit was welcomed.

As our faithful leader David was cycling together with Ingride in France this week, we were well led by Rafi.
We headed northwards out towards the industrial area and turning south up the hill of Weizman and north again towards Kfar Nachman. Here we rode on towards the cemetery and on to the same track taken the week before. A slight detour and the route was varied slightly .We were soon lifting our bikes up a muddy hill and onto a mud packed trail which was broken up from time to time with little hills of mud and more bike carrying. This led us out by some of the massive construction of the 531. While several riders helped Ilan with an airless tire, the trail just ridden was aptly named by Ted as Rafi's trail.

From here we went on over the train tracks of Rishpon, turning left and going southwards we then turned west and entered into Kfar Shmiryahu along a well ridden route. Over the bridge and off on to Nof Yam we turned left and up past SidniAli beach and the mosque there, Down the hill we managed to find a little breeze and from there we were on autopilot on a direct route through Hertzaliya Pituach, heading home again to Raanana and Landwer's where we were the first customers of the day! The breakfast was as good as ever and we were happy to be joined by Megan and Dan ,John's daughter and grandson.

It was a pleasant and uneventful ride with good company as usual. We managed to get in around 23 km of bike riding and successfully avoided the heat of the day.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 8, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report - Livin' on the Edge -  By Frances

19 of us gathered to brave the heat for an approximately 24 km foray along a few sandy paths and harder surfaces. We went up Weizman street and then along a different path to the right of the cemetry and eventually making our way south to the Herzeliya park where we enjoyed the views of the park and made our way to Landwer for a very welcome pit stop.

Michal had a birthday this week and arrived raring to go on her spanking new Giant - Liv Lust. So, she was heard humming Living on the Edge while trying to stay upright in the sandy bits. Cleats is a new thing for her and it was reminscent of Merrill when she first started riding with cleats - yes, toppling over.... Luckily she toppled into soft sand, so it wasn't too bad.

At Landwer, we ate and drank and sang lustily to Michal. So, with apologies to Aerosmith:

There's somethin' wrong with Michal today I do know what it is...
Something's wrong with her bike
She's seein' things in a different way
Its must be the LUST LIV
It shore ain't no surprise
she's Livin' on the edge
Livin' on the edge

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 1, 2015 - Home patch ride report -  By John

Determined to beat the heat we have moved our starting time forward to 6:30am and 14 (I think) of us were at the starting point on time. But, before we started we'd already lost the race!!! It was already hot and humid!

Welcome back to Richard, looking and hearty, after his recent shoulder surgery.

We followed the path that we've ridden many times through Bazra, Bnei Tzion and Yakum to Udim and from there headed for Landwers to recover! On the way to Yaqum we came across a field of watermelons and one in particular was winking at Michal. Michal couldn't resist! In no time she whipped out her handy McGiver knife and it wasn't long before we were all tucking into a sweet, red, red juicy watermelon. Thank you Michal.

The rest of the ride was, apart from the heat and extra bits of sand here and there, uneventful. We all enjoyed the +/- 30 km. ride and arrived tired and happy at one of our favourite "water holes" Landwers, where we are always assured of good food and great service.

Hope to see you all next Saturday.

Ride Report - Sat. July 25, 2015 - Home Patch - Rishpon - Marina - Mandarin -  By Michal

14 of us decided that nothing will keep us from our weekly routine!

It was a relatively small turn out today; it seems that the hot weather kept some riders at home.

We started off with what would seem like technical miss haps to be... pumping up tires and adjusting seats, but thankfully none of them developed throughout the ride. What used to be a backwards ride has lately become the norm. Up Weizmann towards the cemetery and into the fields...

shortly we were out of the fields and onto quiet roads and bike paths for the majority of our ride.

The group was pleasantly chit chatty but quieter than usual. I have a feeling that Johns absence contributed to the quiet... especially from Ingrid... ;-)

Through kfar shmaryahu, to apolonia for the view, where at this point, John sent a warm drunken hello from Holland to all.

We stayed constantly with the view of the sea, from sea level alongside the beach and from high up above on the cliffs with the breathtaking views.

It wasn't too late but some were scared the heat will get unbearable and turned home on their own. Reaching the marina, Uri showed us a little spot of heaven, where one can just sit with a cold drink and gaze into the endless water and yachts. Heat being our main challenge, we quickly continued.

David treated Ingride and me to a quick stop to take a dip in the sea!! OMG!! The water was amazing! At a perfect temperature, no waves and not a jellyfish in sight it was a pure paradisiac! Knowing that everyone was waiting for us we didn't indulge for too long... out of the water, all gathered upon our bikes to continue on our voyage.

Planning to shortly leave Herzelia, another few cut away from the group leaving us at a total of 8 riders. On our regular path out of Herzelia, Haim wasn't feeling well and Uri stayed with him to ride slowly while the six of us continued to Raanana.

It was only 10:30 when we got to Yerushalayim/Ahuza and at this point I continued to my car, Meir went home as well, leaving a whopping number of 4 for the refreshment stop at Arcaffe.

We did approximately 32 km's in all and had a great time. Haim we hope you feel better so you can enjoy next week's ride.

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