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Local Ride - Sat. Oct. 23, 2021

Next ride: Home Patch ride

Start Time: 6:45am :

Our local rides will meet at 6:45 am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

It is the responsibility of all riders to ensure that they strictly observe applicable Ministry of Health COVID-19 regulations (such as they may now be!) for themselves as well as for the wellbeing of their fellow riders.

Ride Report - Sat. Oct. 1, 2016 - L'Chaim to the New Year -  By Anna

On 1st of October 20 of us turned up to our usual Saturday ride. It was the last Saturday of תשע"ו.

We did more or less our usual home patch route, about 30 km, Raanana- Hertzelia-Rishpon- Arsuf - Gaash-Bnei Zion-Bazra- Raanana. We started in excellent weather that became rather hot by the end. However this spectacle never breaks our spirit. We welcomed our "lost lamb", Zachi, who joined us again after a long time of absence. Hope to see you more during the next year.

At Rishpon, Shaul showed up with his friend Shlomo (both at one time regular Cyclenix riders) and joined us for a short ride on their way back to Hertzelia.

At Arsuf we toasted the New Year, תשע"ז, with tirosh, and cake. After the toast we managed to ride straight on. Our compliments to Michal who thinks of everything and carried on her back the bottle, the cake and the accessories, cups and knife for most of us surprise. Hip-hip hurray!

On our way back to Raanana we couldn't miss picking up some samples in the avocado groves.

Only 15 of us reached Landwers as the rest were eager getting home.

Shana Tova to all members of Cyclenix, hope to see you in the New Year.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 24, 2016 - Zichron Area Away Ride -  By Michal

Three cyclenixers too many to call this ride Joseph and his brothers... you do the math. We all gathered on this lovely morning to follow Joseph's tracks. For him this is basically his home patch ride, for us it was a new and exciting away ride.

We started at Ramat Hanadiv where very fast we started climbing. Though we were warned that the area is not level plains like the Sharon area the climb were not too steep and at the end of the ride we discovered that we had less than 300 meters of elevation gain.

Though no too bad in climbing terms, it was quite a challenge due to the rockiness of the trails. Very soon we got to our first stop where we all got off our bikes to see the vultures. Wild vultures can come and go as they please to this huge cage on the mountain cliff. Three vultures were happily resting while we were observing and discussing the topic. Funnily enough, I was not the only one that had the Jungle book pop to mind.

Watch the link and maybe the whole movie if you have time...

We continued on riding still going in the general up direction on rocks of different shapes and sizes. Some succeeding, some not so much, and some getting stuck behind the not so much. It was a constant fun challenge of skill rhythm and correct choices.

At our second stop, we reached ruins from the second temple period or in David's words "from before my time". According to the signs it was what I summed up as the old school life styles of the rich and famous. It seems that the area that was built by the Baron Rothschild and his family was a wealthy area way before his and David's time.

We stood on a view point which looks over the sea, from Hadera on our south and stretching all the way up north to the Carmel.

Dina and Abraham danced on the benches while my bike and I climbed a tree. On our way again this time enjoying soaring downwards, all letting go of our inhibitions.

We arrived at another stop. This stop didn't seem to have any intentions except for a nice sweet resting spot under some trees and a place to sit. A few people got there before us but we didn't mind. We all stood and watched the strangers while they were rock climbing. Two men, a woman and a child who were all enjoying their Shabbat recreation.

Abraham swung from one of the ropes, the strapping stranger asked if anyone would like to try... my name was thrown around and I think it might have brought upon his enquiring.

It was an offer that I couldn't refuse! He quickly climbed up the side of the wall without being secured with any means except for his hands, feet and skills. He attached me to a harness and held the rope that secured me. While he constantly gave me advice and encouragement, from down below I succeeded in reaching the top! It was an amazing, fun and random experience! It also gave me answers about how much weight can my recently healed collar bone carry... as I got down my arm muscle started to cramp up but that was solved with some of Raffi's nuts and a salt capsule.

We got back on our bikes to start the last two climbs for the day, I was quite drained from the wall climbing and the rocky terrain was not helping anyone at this part.

When we finally reached Zichron Yaacov we decide to have our breakfast stop at a nice coffee shop on the boardwalk there. It was a lovely idea and was welcomed by all who decided to stay for breakfast. We covered about 20 kilometres with just less than 300 meters of total ascent but the stats in this ride were besides the point...

the company, the vibe, the views, the experiences and even the challenges were what made this ride great!

A big thank you to Joseph for taking on the lead today!

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 17, 2016 - Local Ride -  By Stephen

And so it came to pass that once more the Cyclenix Flying Phalanx assembled at our predestined place at 0700 hrs. on this fine balmy Sabbath morn. David, (Our Fearless Leader) had promised that our route would be refreshingly different from the usual ho-hum Sharon jaunts and verily it was.

Wending our way, we turned right at Ahuza, left Raanana and ascended to Moshav Givat Chen. Leaving the hothouses behind, a great treat awaited us - the sands of the Sahara as even the hardiest and most nimble of us were forced many times to dismount and push their steeds both uphill and down dale. As all good things have to come to an end, so did the sandy tracks when the path led us to Magdiel and from there onto the path along the Yarkon river.

It was good making a reacquaince with this route. It is varied and undulating with many dips and rises, twists and turns and the pleasure of having the greenery of the river alongside you. Its popularity is justified and we met many other riders going in both directions. Approaching Ramat Chayal, we halted and after learned counsel it was decided to change course and not return the same way but to ride on the opposite bank as the sun was getting high in the heavens and more shade was promised. Ultimately, after traversing a fair number of open paths the promise was kept and we entered a lovely patch of single track bordered by overhanging reeds which often formed a complete archway.

Let it be noted that at one stage we all waited patiently as Michal and Uri disappeared into the distant undergrowth together. After a few minutes of waving arms, the couple emerged and we were informed that they had been on a mission of mercy and had unsuccessfully attempted to extricate a recalcitrant canine from the river. Someone remarked that this was the most original excuse they had ever heard!!

Upon exiting the reeds, we found ourselves in Hod Hasharon opposite the big Chetsii Chinam mall. From then on it was all asphalt (John had sworn he would not return via the sandy trails and not a few of us felt the same!) and the road led to the nearest oasis which happened to be the Hod Hasharon Café Landwer. We sat in the garden under a vine covered pergola, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and the absence of the omnipresent piped caf´ musak! After the usual palate tingling repast, we bade our farewells and set out for home.

0nce more, a most pleasant ride in the best Cyclenix tradition - good route, good company and thank you David for leading us.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 10, 2016 - Home Patch Ride -  By John saw 14 "raring-to-go" Cyclenixers at our regular starting point in what was, for this time of the year, an above average hot day. Our ever-faithful pathfinder, David, led us over paths that we have travelled many times So as far as the scenery is concerned, there's nothing really to report, except that on the approach to Kibbutz Yaqum, the cotton fields on both sides of the track are blooming.

The new section of the 531 highway is progressing at a reasonably fast rate. That's a plus for motorists but a minus for nature lovers as many of the paths along which we used to ride are now part of history.

There was only one minor injury on the ride, Barbara’s arm, and that was ably attended to by "Dr" Rafi.

The "Piece de Resistance" of the ride was our "breakfast stop" at the home of Uri, whose wife Etti provided us with excellent, healthy and tasty fare. Thank you Etti from all of us who had the good fortune to be there.

What better way can there be than to start the day with a 29km bike ride in Nature, with great company and finishing off with a feast at the Sa'ar residence?

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 3, 2016 - Elishema and Ya'ar Nachshonim -  By

coming soon

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 27, 2016 - Sun and a Sighting of the Sea -  By Frances

Twenty two gathered to brave the sunshine to complete a good ride of just over 30 kms. While the main cats were away (David, John and Ted), Rafi kept us under control..... with a team of leaders - Meir, Merrill and Anna. We rode on familiar routes lengthened a bit by a quick sighting of the sea at Poleg. I didn't realise the beach was so close.. but since most of the time I don't really know where I am, it is not surprising!

On the way back we lost part of the crowd - but they found their way home as all roads lead to Lanndwer. Not everybody stopped for breakfast - 6 of us stopped at Arcaffe, while others continued home to Kfar Saba and Hod Hasharon to beat the heat. It was Haim's actual birthday today - so Mazal Tov to Haim. We actually started the day with a tot of his Lemon liquer. That certainly got the blood pumping....

Thanks to Rafi and co. for a lovely ride to start the day.

Ride Report - שבת 20 באוגוסט 2016 - דו"ח רכיבה -  By רפי

התכנסנו 20 רוכבים לרכיבה מקומית ומיוחדת. כאשר משימת ההובלה הוטלה על סשה ומטרתה הייתה להוביל את טור הרוכבים כך, שבערך בשעה 9:00 נגיע אל "התפוז" שבפארק הרצליה, שם חיכתה משפחתו של חיים עם שולחן ערוך לחגיגת יום הולדתו ה-70.

מייד בהתכנסות התברר שטליה הגיע עם אופניים מפונצ'רים. אורי סער בעקשנות אופיינית נחלץ לעזרתה למרות שאנחנו החלטנו בכל זאת לצאת לדרך. וכך יצאנו 18 רוכבים בהובלתו המסורה של סשה שאגב תירגל את המסלול הזה יומיים קודם לכן. עניין יום ההולדת היה כל כך "סודי", שחוץ מחיים גם חלק מהרוכבים לא ידעו למה ממהרים ומשתדלים לא לאחר. לא עזר לנו, אחרנו. אבל המשפחה החוגגת לא נכנעה וההפתעה הייתה מושלמת.

בדרך היו לנו כמה תקלות לא נעימות. בטיפוס הרגלי על גשר הסינמה-סיטי יוכי הסתחררה ונאלצה לשבת ולהשיב את רוחה, ולי אבד הטלפון לא רחוק משם בעקבות קפיצה גדולה עם האופניים. מייד חזרתי על עקבותי, וכשהיגעתי למקום שבו חשבתי שאיבדתי את הטלפון – התקשר אלי מאיר גלבלום על מנת לברר את סיבת העיכוב. ואז שמעתי את צלצול הטלפון שלי מבין הקוצים. וכך ניצלנו אני והטלפון וגם יוכי שהספיקה בינתיים קצת להתאושש. כך הגענו בשלום ל"תפוז" שם פגשנו גם את צמד הרוכבים טליה ואורי, ומשימת "יומולדת" נשלמה בהצלחה.

את סיום הרכיבה המוצלחת בהנהגתו של סשה חגגנו ב"ארקפה" רעננה.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 13, 2016 - Local Ride -  By John

Eighteen (a lucky number) brave souls met at our usual meeting place for our weekly Cyclenix get-together. To those of us who had just returned from Holland it took a few minutes to get used to riding our own bikes after the Dutch Town bikes that we had got used to, and it was also quite a change riding without our rain gear! Why were we 18 brave souls??? Because the weather was MORE than hot!

The first decision that was made was to make it a shorter ride. In the absence of our trusty leader David (who is biking with Ingride in France) Uzi was appointed to lead the ride, and a splendid job he did to, guiding us along a route with not too much sand and few uphills. Thank you Uzi! Our route took us West along Weitzman Street and then North along Kfar Nachman Street to the foot of famous Ra’anana Rubbish dump which we never even made an effort to ascend. We continued North making our way to the Moshav Bnei Tzion and then onto Yaqum. From there we crossed the bridge over the Coastal road and headed South towards Ra’anana, stopping at ArcCafe for our usual breakfast stop where we were joined by Anna who slept in too late to make it to the start!!!

Even though the weather was hot, hot, hot, it was a pleasant ride and as usual the company was great. Distance covered. 30kms.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 6th , 2016 - Michals Birthday Ride -  By Michal

August brings with it the heat waves and impossibility of doing any real away rides. It also brings the travels for many of the group's riders, but most importantly it brings my birthday!

The first group of Cyclenixers were abroad pedalling along in the pouring rain in Holland. It seemed that not too many would show up for a hot and sticky day in august, but we were about 20+ riders. Surprisingly the weather was quite bearable, especially in comparison to the days prior to it.

We started at Lola and Kuba parking lot in Hod Hasharon where my bike was waiting with a balloon that Yoavi got me for my birthday. The route was a regular one of ours, the Yarkon ride just without the boring part of getting there and back from and to Ra'anana.

The plus side to it as that it has some shade thanks to the bamboo area and it isn't a hard ride. We all rode along happily through it till we reached the famous water crossing. At this spot where we usually take a detour around it we decided to cross through it. As usual watching other courageous riders make poor attempts to ride through it first, while evaluating the situation. I decide to be the first one to try my luck with the wrong speed, wrong gear and wrong choice of where to ride through it. I failed just as miserably as the previous riders. Then Ted tried his luck, or more like his smarts. At such ease with all of us waiting filming and cheering him on, he did it! With no problem what so ever! Perfect on the spot a "douze points"!

We continued much less in the shade heading back to Hod Hasharon. Somewhere on the way, Merrill our trusty leader for the ride, made a booboo and missed a turn. Frances and I took the more mature option and did not make any jokes about it... at least to her face. I'm sure that some others who will not be named had a moment of somewhat childish joy in it.

Kudos to Merrill for leading the ride and actually staying with the whole group and making sure that we were all present. We all know that that was not a simple task to demand from you. ;-)

We all arrived back to Hod Hasharon to enjoy a wonderful breakfast stop at Sydelles house. I knew about the little breakfast and even requested David's famous cheese cake but Sydelle being Sydelle took the food to a different level.

David was making sure Ted and Dina find the place when I blew out my candles and everyone sang happy birthday to me... while he missed out on the show he heard it all the way outside to the entrance of the road and felt the birthday vibe.

We video chatted our touring Cyclenixers in the land of cheese and weed for a couple minutes that I dont really think anyone of the sides could hear or understand what was going on. Blame it on the excitement, the weed, gay parade, the noise, bad connection or faulty hearing aid the moment was still special.

We did 26+ kilometres which were pointless when we all gobbled up the infamous cheese cake but I choose to believe we had a fun day.

I personally would like to thank all who took part and especially to those for preparing things for a delightful day.

Thanks all!

Ride Report - Sat. July 30, 2016 - Hot Stuff! -  By Francis

14 of us gathered to brave the unusually hot weather and were ably led by David - along the coast to benefit from whatever cool breeze decided to blow. However, we had to curb his enthusiasm to return via the Yarkon and add more kms in what was becoming hot weather!

So (nearly) in the words of Cliff Richard:
We're all going on a summer cycle trip
No more lazing for and hour or two
Fun and laughter on our cycle trip
No worries for me or you
For and hour or two

We finished off at Arc Caffe after a ride of around 30 kms - the barging contingent were missed, but some pictures show that they are having a fine time.

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