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Local Ride - Sat. April 28, 2018

Next ride: home patch ride.
All home patch rides start at 7:30am :

Due to forecasted weather, our away ride is postponed. So another home Patch this weekend.

Our local rides will meet at 7:30 am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

Ride Report - Sat. Oct 6, 2012 - Home Patch Ride -  By Yvette

We started out from the regular meeting point just after seven. The group consisted of ten; John, Ted, Frederic, Avraham , Ilan, Megan, Dina, Barbara, Galit and Yvette.

A warm welcome back to those who have just returned from time overseas - Megan, Dina and Ted (who was back with us last week). Another warm welcome goes to Galit who came along for her first time out with the group. Hope we'll see you again soon.

We were lead out of Raanana by John and Frederic going westwards towards the Har Ha'Zevel by Kiriat Sharett. Thankfully for some we went around it this time and headed out through the fields northwards towards Yakum. A fair amount of sand was on track leading us out past the airfield for the motorized hang gliders. From here we continued northwards towards the pecan trees by Moshav Udim. Frederic suggested a new route through Udim and everyone agreed that it was indeed a pleasant change of route. From here we came out by the usual crossing and onto the 'single' route by Yakum. It was easy riding from here on the usual route as the 'coffee' team could already smell those brewing beans!

A relaxing break with well-earned goodies was enjoyed by all at our favorite place before getting back on our bikes and heading for home through the Rishpon route to Lev Ha'Park. Dina noticed that she had a puncture shortly after leaving Yakum which was quickly fixed by Ted. It was around this time that some of us realized that we were missing some of the group. We all joined up in the parking of Lev Ha'Park to say our goodbyes before going our separate ways home from there. Once again it was a wonderful morning ride of around 34 km. Chag Sameach to you all.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 29, 2012 - Local Ride -  By Barbara Sher

We started 12 strong from our usual place opposite Yad Lebanim at 07:02 sharp (as is usual for our very prompt group).

Our group included: Adrian, Anna, Barbara, Francis, Fredrick, Gabi, John, Rafi, Steve, Ted, Udi and Yvette

Fredrick led us most of the way in his usual stoic manner.

We went north out of Ra-anana and did about 35km through all kinds of fields, and trails and back roads as we usually do.

We wish Gabi, Anna and Rafi a good trip on this their third leg of the European bike ride along the Danube. I was on the first trip there two years ago, but my daughter had the nerve to get married last year at that time and to have a baby this year at the same time as the trip.

We wish a big mazal tov to Adrian for the birth for his second grandchild and to Barbara too for the birth of her granddaughter Shira Youlevitch.

A group picture was taken of the four who came back from the Holland boat/bike trip in August: Adrian, Barbara, John and Steve. Hopefully, we will all be back their next year again.

I love these rides and the great bunch of people that comprise it.

Chag Sameach!

Ride Report - Sat. Sept 22, 2012 - New Year Wheeling -  By Frances

Seven of us pitched up for the first ride of the new year (5773). Seven is, of course, an auspicious number in Judaism - so this can only be a good sign for the coming Cyclenix year! An example close to us now is that on Sukkot we shake 7 species - 1 Lulav, 1 Etrog, 2 willows, and 3 myrtles. And Sukkot is one of the 7 Jewish holidays celebrated during the year.

We headed off on our usual route and enjoyed a ride in good weather with very little sand. Quite a few ups and downs to keep our heart rate up. For those of us ninnies (led by me) some of the stony downs were too much after our Rosh HaShanna eating and drinking, so we walked. Had our brave compatriots been there (Megan and Merrill) we would never have been allowed to walk....

Many of our regulars are gadding about the world having fun, so all I can say is that you missed a pleasant 30 km in good company and some tasty treats at our favourite gas station. Gmar Chatima Tova to all.

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 15, 2012 - The Last ride of the year. 5772 -  By John

Well, we ended off the year with a "Home Patch" ride. Most of the paths that we traversed were well known to us, but there were one or two detours (new to us) that David took us along. We visited the familiar Western View Site in the Sharon Coastal Nature reserve where a yoga class was in progress and then made our way along a few new paths until we reached one of our favourite breakfast stops at the service station situate at Gaash. As usual the service was good and so was the food. Three of our regulars (Dina, Ted and Merrill) were absent today and believe it or not, their presence was missed. +/- 34 kilometres from the start we arrived back home after a most enjoyable ride.

Shana Tova to you and your family. I hope we see lots of you and have many enjoyable rides in 5773.

Ride Report - 8/9/12 -  By Uri ??? ????

(ed note: apologies for the state of this ride report but the technology used for this site is dated and doesn't allow for the easy display of Hebrew text.)

Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 1, 2012 - Saturdays' Passion -  By Frances

Seventeen of us gathered at the start for what turned out to be a 32 km ride in really pleasant weather. Everything is relative, of course, so this just means it was a degree or two less that last week.... Welcome to Steve - new to the group and to Israel. Hope to see you wheeling with us again.

We followed a familiar route through Rishpon, Udim and stopping off at Ga'ash for refreshment. A boon for a summer ride: no sand! We also managed to liberate some passiflora (aka passion fruit, granadilla). So, why different names? Passion is the literal translation of the Latin genus name, Passiflora. And the one we like so much is a vine species of the Passion Flower. Not only does it taste good, but it has great nutritional value. Fresh passion fruit is high in beat carotene, potassium and dietry fibre. The juice is a good source of Vitamin C and helps high blood pressure. The granadilla (that we South Africans know) is another species of the Passion Flower - so technically, the ones we pick here are not the granadilla's we know....

We enjoyed our usual Saturday passion (riding) with good company and a sweet treat (passion fruit) - can't ask for much more than that!

Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 25 - Hot, hot local ride -  By John

14 stalwarts met at the usual meeting place on a hot, hot day and under able leadership ,we set off West along Ahuza making our way towards Herzliya Pituach, Kfar Sharyahu, the Herzliya Marina via the Sidna Ali Mosque on the Herzliya Coast. This Mosque is still in use and has a most interesting history. (Google it and read up on it!).

Just before we turned West towards the Herzliya Airport ,we saw the 531 Highway construction that has now reached the Ra'anana area and it was sad to see how many of our cycling trail are now history! (See the photos)

On reaching Herzliya Marina, we made our way along the clifftops Southwards before turning East towards the Coastal road and making our way back to Herzliya. On the way we passed a watermelon field and guess what??? Yep, we stopped and sampled the crop. (More photos!) This was somewhat of a change to tasting grenadillas (passion fruit).

Eventually we reached the Herzliya Park where David discovered and new "watering hole", Tapuz, nestling within the wooded area of the park. It was a nice change and the venue and food and drink were more than satisfactory. There is even a cycle track where one can test one's bike skills. A few of us tried out the track. Conclusion ... Full marks to the Herzliya municipality for this development.

After a hot, but refreshing and fun-filled 34 km. ride ,we were back in Ra'anana looking forward to our next outing together. For me ,personally, this was another special ride because it's what I call a "Three generation Ride".... me, Megan (Daughter) and Kim (Granddaughter) were part of the 14 participants.

Ride Report - Sat. Aug 18 - Hof Hacarmel -  By Ted

The pros and cons on whether to ride in Hof Hacarmel were quickly forgotten as soon as we set off from Ein Harcarmel. Even the parking area was reserved for us. The trail conditions were fine and the breeze was more than welcomed.

We passed by the beautiful cemetery (no joke) of Neveh Yam and then another down the trail but not before passing the huge natural pumice limestone storage tanks on our left, now abandoned. We struggled thru the hot houses at Zrufah and than gazed at amazement at the graffiti lining the underpass to road 2 followed by another struggle up steep culvert sides before hitting Habonim where we missed the ancient castle ruins (sorry, I forgot to remind David).

Now heating up we finally reached Nachsholim rushing past the Rothschild Glass Museum (see photos) where bottles were manufactured for the fledgling sacramental wine industry 150 years ago located at Zichron Ya'acov. An amazing fill-your-battery stop and a dip in the beach for some at Nachsholim beach preceded a scale-the-hill by foot adventure on the path northwards to the ancient ruins at Dor (One of civilization's oldest inhabited spots) where we took in the breathtaking scenery of the rocky shoreline which is still a nature Reserve (hopefully for years to come).

Riding along the beach in parts and on the upper slopes along the seafront, we finally reached the Para training aerodrome at Habonim in time to see several paras swooping down from the heavens. Very hot by now, we made the final charge back to the cars followed by a breakfast at the mall near Zichron Junction. All 14 riders agreed it was one of the best and who am I to disagree (for once!) and guess what...on the beach and where's the sand?

Ride Report - Aug 11, 2012 - Uphill in the heat -  By Frances

The instructor at the school gym class:
Lie flat on your backs, class, and circle your feet in the air as if you were riding your bikes, said the gym teacher. "Fred! What are you doing? Move your feet, boy." "I am freewheeling, sir."

14 of us gathered and set off on a 33 km ride, despite the heat (welcome back John, from your adventures in Holland). But there was not much freewheeling. We started the ride by going up the Ra'anana rubbish dump. The path seems to be in a better condition than it was the last time I was there. The view, of course, is always worthwhile. While we made our way up and down, there was a cyclist who went up and down 5 times - obviously an enthusiast of sorts.

We headed off towards the coast and along the way Megan had a blow-out - I even heard the air escaping as I went by. While the puncture was being sorted a few of us managed to find a wonderful crop of Passiflora. A delicious respite! We followed the regular Thursday night route to the Herzelia Marina, where we didn't stop but pedaled on despite the growing heat. Merrill went off towards the Mandarin hotel (having being told we are going there). Unfortunately her efforts were in vain as the majority decided to stand on their pedals and insist that we don't make the trip so long. Poor Merrill had to double back - the rest went on and Merrill and I took a shorter route back to Ra'anana. Moral of the wasted kms in the heat: speak up when not wanting to go on and don't go on until you actually see the intrepid leader heading off....!

We enjoyed coffee and other snacks at Arcaffe - a great ride despite the growing heat and not much freewheeling....

Ride Report - 04.08.2012 - Surprise Mini Cyclenix Reunions - Home Patch -  By Ted

Overshadowed by the events in Syria, the London Olympics and a cloudy overcast morning we gathered at the start point with a faint hope that the weather would be kind this morning and so it was. We nevertheless left hurriedly towards the sea and later ended up on the railway bridge on the approaches to Udim. We were all twelve of us still relatively cool and decided once we arrived at Udim to continue northwards on the bypass path that took us eventually back to the Yakum nature reserve. Fredrik by then had insisted that his front tyre was low only because he had to try out his new diminutive pump that did the job admirably. Shaul was in good form having just returned from gay Paris (not that gay) but Megan was sorely in need of a tonic (not gin) but having said all that I confess that all performed extremely well. And then there was the surprise of meeting Izik near Udim and that was not all. A little later on the singles at Yakum we ran into Amon and Jr. (Omer) and at Bueno we also met up with Clara. It was great to have a mini reunion and I for one am certain that they miss us as much as we miss them but timing and other issue preclude their regular participation. So we must do with the occasional encounters of a biking kind. We eventually reached Ga'sh our favourite watering hole from where it was hard to return to ride taking into account the company, the ambiance and the refreshing breeze. Our run home was disrupted only by Passion as some stopped to pick the dregs off the granadilla, passion fruit or Pasiflora or whatever else you care to call it, bush.

It was a routine but also a reunion ride enjoyable and sufficiently challenging for August and you may not believe it but we saw little sand. Congrats to our navigation team.


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Local Ride    Sat. April 28, 2018

Next ride: home patch ride.
All home patch rides start at 7:30am :
Local Rides will meet at 7:30am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

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August 6th 1983, just 38 years after the bombing of Hiroshima I made my grand entrance into the world! The youngest of three, I enjoyed a typical 80's Jewish South African childhood. I had a lovely protected childhood without any worries about reality? in 1992 my world crashed! We were told that we would be making Aliyah!! So, on Erev Pesach 1992 we arrived in Israel at my grandmother's house in Afula Ilit. I cried for about two weeks straight.

According to my mother I refused to say a word in Hebrew for three months till I could speak fluently and I have never stopped talking since. It was quite a culture shock coming from a private Jewish school where there was about one black child to a public school in Afula Ilit where we were only three white kids in the class. Questions like "did you live in a jungle?" or "do you know Michael Jackson?" were a regular routine. We lived in Afula for two years and I went to a religious school at that time. We then moved to Pardesiya, closer to Netanya where my father worked.

At this stage I gave my mother an ultimatum: "Either you send me to a secular school or I am not going to school anymore!" My mother knowing that I was always a strong willed person, and, also having shared the experience of being In a religious school against your will, sent me to a secular school. From leaving South Africa till now I was lost and in the wrong surroundings and this is where it all changed. I had great friends, whom I am still friends with till this day (borderline family) and at this stage I could also understand that my parent's decision to make Aliyah, was the best thing they could have done for me. From here it was all pretty much "by the book" finish middle school and high school and off to the army. I guess that the structures of school and the army are what kept me going by any book? whoever knows me, knows that I am anything but "by the book". I worked in a nursery school, and then moved on to working in a glasses shop (optician) where I started to find my path.

In 2005 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and being the only child living at home I took it upon myself to go with her to doctors and treatments. It made my relationship with her flourish and become stronger than ever. She survived to hear the words cancer free but she was never really a healthy person, so we had many other doctor appointments to go to for the next few years. While my mother lived through pain and different problems I started doing my bachelor's degree in optometry. In 2010 I bought myself a? sticker? bike and started riding around Pardesiya. Once to twice a week about 4-8 kilometers was my routine. It gave me a release from studying and all the doctors' appointments at that time. In 2012, once again, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This time it had spread. Though the doctors made us feel optimistic the cancer had other plans and within about three months from the diagnosis, my mother passed away.

In Tel Mond where I now lived on my own I couldn?t find a routine. At that point, Yvette who was my customer then, insisted I join Cyclenix for a ride. At a time when I was most in need, I found a family! Then and now I am constantly asked why I don?t ride with people my age. While I always give answers that one's brain can comprehend, it is mainly because Cyclenix for me is my "cheers".

Cheers theme song lyrics:

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see;
our troubles are all the same
you wanna be
where everybody knows your name.
You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
and you wanna go where everybody knows your name."


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