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Local Ride - Sat. April 28, 2018

Next ride: home patch ride.
All home patch rides start at 7:30am :

Due to forecasted weather, our away ride is postponed. So another home Patch this weekend.

Our local rides will meet at 7:30 am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

Ride Report - Sat. July 22, 2017 - Tel Mond -  By tba

coming soon

Ride Report - Sat. July 15, 2017 - Local Ride -  By John

In order to "beat the heat" it was decided to commence our "Home Patch" rides at 6.30am. Missing that extra hour's sleep affects some more than other and I am one of those affected, but nevertheless, I was there at 6.30 and so were 19 others. Well done! The route was an oft ridden circular one ... Batzra, Benei Tzion, Yaqum, Udim and back to, where else, good old Landwers in the industrial area of Ra'anana, where the food and service is always good. Today was no exception.

By the way, we didn't "beat the heat"!!!! so that's one to "the Heat" and nil to Cyclenix :) We covered thirty-two kms and suffered one puncture. I am sure all enjoyed the company, the ride and those who came to breakfast, that as well.

Keep cool and see you next week.

Ride Report - Sat. July 8, 2017 - Nahal Alexander -  By Arik and Ted

Nachal Alexander can be a boring ride. East to west, west to east, no hills, some sand and often a stench from the stream that almost dries out in summer. In winter it's a mud bath. And yet we ride it at least twice yearly. One of the reasons is that it is convenient and in summer , now that we ride west to east, is even pleasant.
Yesterday's ride was just that and by finding a little diversion by visiting the Agmon Hadera, we gave it another form of variations on a theme on the return segment. A by pass route always gives added value and yesterdays was particularly timely. We stayed at the Agmon lookout enjoying the cool breeze while the two scouts Michal and Merril set off to find the Holy Grail.
In no time we bid fond farewell to the lookout tower and followed the scouts. This had been preceded by a short stay at the Copse we often use as a turn around and rest stop some 15 kl's eastwards where we sang David Happy Birthday because a year has passed since we celebrated his previous (80) B'day in grand fashion. In fact the ride yesterday was a celebration ride of several layers as we also marked Wedding Anniversary's of Anna and John (who was conspicuous in his absence). We were less than 20 but the rising dust from the rear at time gave the impression we were a stampeding herd.
David took several calls including some overseas to congratulate him and it was a reminder of how small the world has become with modern technology. Arik who was in the tech industry and has many interests including poetry wrote this superb poem in David's honour...enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the ride.

Ride Report - Sat. July 1, 2017 - Home Patch -  By John

At 7.00am or very close thereto, 20 Cyclenixers who were prepared to brave the heat set off on a ride, purposely made a wee bit shorter, in an effort to beat the heat!

We were delighted to have our Michal back from her cycling trip abroad and everyone admired her super biking top, bought by her as a memento of the amazing trip she did. It was also great to have Mike back with us.

The route decided on was ALL ON ROAD (too hot to tackle thick sand) and Rafi was our leader. He took us along Ahuza Street and through some of the streets of Herzliya, through the Herzliya Park, across the Herzliya Bridge over the Railway line and on towards the Marina. We hoped for a little relief from the sea breeze (and we weren't disappointed) as we cycled along the pier to the end dodging walkers and a few other bikers, where we took a short break taking in the views. At the end of the pier there's a signal light on top a "not to high" tower and for a good part of the duration of our stop there we witnessed a gentleman who appeared to be doing his best to push the tower over. He didn't succeed, and as we left, we saw him swinging his arms frantically in all directions, probably annoyed that he couldn't budge the tower.

From there it was homeward bound along the Herzliya beach front, through Herzliya, and on to our refreshment stop at Arcafe. We covered 24kms and everyone survived. Another great ride with great company was under our belt.

Keep cool and hope to see you next week.

Ride Report - Sat. June 24, 2017 - Home Patch -  By Frances

Twenty of us gathered to set off on a lovely ride of around 32km at a fair pace, managing to beat the worst of the heat albeit with a bit of sand here and there... Overheard at the start, something like this: "David, I forgot my phone at home so please check that I am with the group" "Hmmmmm. Oh, I will give you a call if you aren't with us!" Well, my sense of direction is not good - but I did realise we did some of our familiar routes backwards. Meir led us on a side trip to Poleg Beach to see a boat.... well the boat was no longer on the beach so we took in the lovely view of the sand and blue blue sea instead. We were treated to a black helicopter landing in the field next to us near Rishpon and a mysterious black car arriving. Looked like something interesting was afoot. But we had other priorities.... Landwer. Thanks to David and Meir for shepherding us along.

Ride Report - Sat. June 17, 2017 - Bat Shlomo - Ramot Menashe -  By Michal

12 Cyclenixers took on the challenge of the away ride. Back at home, after a Whatsapp conversation gone bad, a local ride was also organized. 6 Cyclenixers pitched up for the local ride.

On the Bat Shlomo side we were climbing and climbing. Besides the amazing view not much was going on. The ride itself was the main attraction because, thank G-d, we were free of mishaps at this point.

Back at home very shortly, Johns tyre lost air... he pumped it up and continued. After it happening again and Merrill insisting it is a flat he accepted defeat and promised to meet up with them for breakfast.

Back to the Bat Shlomo hills... David was leading us with his trusty Garmin we somehow took a wrong turn to Albuquerque... So we turned back to find our path. David told us to stay where we were when he ditched us all. Aftermath revealed that he was just looking for the trail but the sense of abandonment will live with me forever. Raffi said it was ????? ??????? ????... wait and see! While David was sighted returning to us, someone said: our indigenous leader returns looking confused. Her name shall not be mentioned for shlom bayiit purposes. But we were back on our track and from this point the only uncertainty was "which village is near us". Back at the local arena they headed the marina way. Enjoyed a nice easy ride and afterwards went to Uri's house to enjoy a nice breakfast where John met up with them.

In the more northern hills we pedaled and pushed our way to the highest point of our destination while enjoying the view, the fresh air and the company. This is where the fun part began as we got to fly down the mountain and enjoy the speed. We continued and enjoyed breakfast at Aroma at the Zichron mall. In total, we did just less than 400 meters of climbing and about 25 kilometers in distance.

Ride Report - Sat. June 10, 2017 - Home Patch -  By Stephen Schulman

Yea, and so it came to pass that on a Sabbath morn in the jolly month of June (the 10 th to be exact!) our distinguished band of Wheeled Worthies banished Morpheus, roused ourselves from our nocturnal slumbers and assembled at the witching hour of seven in the morn at the regular pre-ordained gathering place in Raanana.

Gaily (no connection to the previous day's Tel Aviv parade) attired in multi coloured Spandex and with chain wheels spinning, we set forth on our ride. Traversing the Achuva carriageway, we soon reached the sleepy hamlet of Hod Hasharon where, since most sensible people were still in their beds, not a soul was stirring apart from a yapping canine irritated by our through passage towards the banks of the Yarkon river.

Verily, there are few places that equal the pleasures of riding the path alongside the Yarkon. It is a roller coaster ride, uphill and down dale, descending through shady bamboo arched tunnels (hoping not to meet someone coming from the opposite direction) and on exiting, curving the line before climbing up a steep slope. It is a path that never palls.

All good things must come to an end and so we of the Flying Phalanx all too soon found ourselves reaching citrus orchards close to Ramat Hachayal before crossing the river on our homewards loop. The route was more open with less shady patches offering shelter from the summer sun that despite the mild day was certainly making itself felt. Along the way, we encountered groups of picnickers and other signs of civilization: the ubiquitous litter strewn in many places! How saddening that many people have no respect for the environment and their fellow persons. Yet another dolorous phenomenon was seeing (and hearing!) the remnants of a trance party camped along the river bank. What a way to ruin a weekend with heavy thumping and drugs obliterating all trace of pleasure in the natural surroundings! With having reached Hod Hasharon and the sun high in the sky, our dignified party was desirous of locating a watering hole for refreshment and some respite from the heat. One such oasis offering parking and air conditioning in the center of the town was found where, accompanied with convivial banter, our thirsts were quenched and appetites sated. From then on, our various homeward ways we wended.

The typical conclusion of a Cycenix Saturday ride; good company, a pleasant route, mutual consideration with a welcome social stop at the end. Many thanks to David for leading us and wishing our honoured venerable John Spencer a very happy birthday, many, many years of good health, happy pedaling and continuing to take all those great pictures.

Ride Report - Sat. June 3, 2017 - Ben Shemen June 2017 -  By Michal

Editor: Before we get to the ride report check out these links to some absolutely cool and fantastic info about the ride. This Relive link is particularly interesting, showing a 3D render of the landscape: CLICK HERE for the Relive Link. Or you can visit YouTube and view this playlist of videos from the ride: CLICK HERE. Now.. back to our regularly scheduled report...

With a dysfunctional Waze link, surprisingly 18 Cyclenixers succeeded in finding their way to Ben Shemen.
Finding parking seemed to be the harder mission since the MTB "Mecca" was packed.
As everyone started to ride, Dina had a chain malfunction. It was quickly fixed and she was peddling with the rest of us in no time. The ride started with a steep hill that got quite a few of us off our bikes. This steep climb left its mark since for the rest of the ride all climbs were compared to the first one.
Yep you got it, what was expected to be a relatively flat ride, turned out to be a climbing challenge.
For me personally i had the fun of pushing two bikes up almost all the hills... it has been quite a while since my last biceps workout.
Some hills, Yoavi gave his all,at one of his hardest workouts yet. He pushed his hardest up the hills while refusing any help.
I found it surprising that some of the adults had more complaints than a poorly functioning company's customer service.
The downhills were fast and fun and let all of us release our leg muscles and gain some speed. One downhill got a few people off their bikes with no real just cause, except for a herd syndrome. Whoever looked to the left of the trail saw some rocks and sand which looked scary. Whoever looked and took the right had no issue.
Yoavi fell into the first group and i knew that this was a challenge he could totally conquer! So back up we walked and he rode down correctly with a boosted ego and a video to show off with. Thank you Yaakov for the videos.
We stopped at quite a few view points and celebrated John 78th birthday with some cake.
Neither Timmy or anyone else fell into the well but Yoavi did "enjoy" a cold shower.
After our ride some of us escaped quickly. It could be because of the lack of a "civilized" breakfast spot or the threat of doing any more climbing, either way they lost out.
The rest of us stayed and "dined" at what could only be referred to as Ben Shemen city. Stall food and drinks and home made beer were enjoyed on a local forrest bench under the shade of the trees.
We covered about 16 kilometers with 300 meters of climbing.
It was a challenging fun ride.
I big thank you to Tracy who take upon the mission of leading us on special different away rides.

Ride Report - Sat. may 27, 2017 - The Heat is up! -  By Frances

16 of us started out under David's guidance for a lovely ride of around 24 km. We went on familiar paths - but backwards. So it all looked a little different. We lingered under the shade when possible, but since it was predicted as being a hot day, we cut stops to a minimum. Only when a racalcitrant tube popped out of where it should have been did we stop for any length of time. David promised a bit of sand and were weren't disappointed. So, good practice for the summer months and sand ahead!

A lovely surprise along the way - our fabulous friend Frederic from France who works at the .... no no longer French Embassy, rather the German embassy, was seen on route. He promises to join us on one of our away rides.

We pedalled along to Ra'anana and some went through the Newe Zemer neighbourhood to refuel at Landwer whilst others made their way home - satisfied if not a tad hot!!

So, with apologies to Summertime:

Summertime, and the ridin' isn't easy
Cyclers are pumpin' and the sand is high Oh, your bike's ok and your legs are good-lookin'
So hush, little baby, don't you cry.

Ride Report - Sat. May 20, 2017 - Zichron Ya'acov  -  By Michal

"Josephs luck was really out
his spirit and his fortune low
alone he sat, alone he thought
of happy times he used to know"
So we got an invite to come and ride the hills of Zichron to bring back happy times to Joseph... While the original Joseph had 11 brothers our Joseph had 16 followers. In less than 5 kilometers, it seemed that the back of the herd had somehow made a wrong turn. Standing in our spot, trying to phone the front of the herd to verify their whereabouts...
"Hey dreamer, don't be so upset
hey Joseph, you're not beaten yet"
Coming to our rescue our leader was pedaling towards us.
At this point the gods had gone bonkers and opened up its waterworks!
Yep it is bloody may and while we should be experiencing heat waves we got to enjoy a cold shower!
We were led to the rest of the herd who were all waiting at the vulture nesting cages. A spot where someone has to reference "the jungle book"
Buzzie: Hey flaps, what we gonna do?
Flaps: I don't know. What you wanna do?
My suggestion was let's keep pedaling so no one develops hypothermia.
"Go, go, go Joseph you know what they say
Hang on now Joseph you'll make it someday
Don't give up Joseph fight till you drop
We've read the book and you come at on top"
Wet and cold (at least some of us), already been lost, from here it all should get better...
Or let's add mud accumulating on our tires just for kicks and giggles!
Some of us had to stop again and again to clean off the mud. Some succeeded in pushing through it somehow. Either way it slowed us down.
Indeed our Joseph got us all to the top where we enjoyed the amazing view overlooking the entire coast line. A few pictures, some chit chat and we were on our bikes again.
A fun fast downhill part lifted our spirits and flung all the mud off our tires.
With clean tires and adrenalin getting our heart rates up we started to climb the rocky parts. Not even being close to climbing the Rockies but was a challenge for all. I was wondering how David specifically took on the challenge since this route was what made him look towards 29 inch wheels.
We got back to our cars to discover that the ride hadn't ended. Whoever felt like joining we went and extra couple kilometers to the baron gardens for a quick visit.
At the head of the gate in golden Latin letters: CONCORDIA INTEGRITAS INDUSTRIA.
It got some reminiscing back to the days when they studied Latin. Others were hooked up on "The life of Brian" references which gave us a good laugh. So we didn't "wewease Bwian" but we did release Joseph from his faithful duties as he headed home and we went to our cars.
As I drove off in my new Toyota Auris hybrid 2014, others went to enjoy breakfast and Landvers in Binyamina.
We covered about 18 kilometers, endured the uphill's, rain and rocky terrain and yet went home smiling.


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Local Ride    Sat. April 28, 2018

Next ride: home patch ride.
All home patch rides start at 7:30am :
Local Rides will meet at 7:30am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

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August 6th 1983, just 38 years after the bombing of Hiroshima I made my grand entrance into the world! The youngest of three, I enjoyed a typical 80's Jewish South African childhood. I had a lovely protected childhood without any worries about reality? in 1992 my world crashed! We were told that we would be making Aliyah!! So, on Erev Pesach 1992 we arrived in Israel at my grandmother's house in Afula Ilit. I cried for about two weeks straight.

According to my mother I refused to say a word in Hebrew for three months till I could speak fluently and I have never stopped talking since. It was quite a culture shock coming from a private Jewish school where there was about one black child to a public school in Afula Ilit where we were only three white kids in the class. Questions like "did you live in a jungle?" or "do you know Michael Jackson?" were a regular routine. We lived in Afula for two years and I went to a religious school at that time. We then moved to Pardesiya, closer to Netanya where my father worked.

At this stage I gave my mother an ultimatum: "Either you send me to a secular school or I am not going to school anymore!" My mother knowing that I was always a strong willed person, and, also having shared the experience of being In a religious school against your will, sent me to a secular school. From leaving South Africa till now I was lost and in the wrong surroundings and this is where it all changed. I had great friends, whom I am still friends with till this day (borderline family) and at this stage I could also understand that my parent's decision to make Aliyah, was the best thing they could have done for me. From here it was all pretty much "by the book" finish middle school and high school and off to the army. I guess that the structures of school and the army are what kept me going by any book? whoever knows me, knows that I am anything but "by the book". I worked in a nursery school, and then moved on to working in a glasses shop (optician) where I started to find my path.

In 2005 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and being the only child living at home I took it upon myself to go with her to doctors and treatments. It made my relationship with her flourish and become stronger than ever. She survived to hear the words cancer free but she was never really a healthy person, so we had many other doctor appointments to go to for the next few years. While my mother lived through pain and different problems I started doing my bachelor's degree in optometry. In 2010 I bought myself a? sticker? bike and started riding around Pardesiya. Once to twice a week about 4-8 kilometers was my routine. It gave me a release from studying and all the doctors' appointments at that time. In 2012, once again, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This time it had spread. Though the doctors made us feel optimistic the cancer had other plans and within about three months from the diagnosis, my mother passed away.

In Tel Mond where I now lived on my own I couldn?t find a routine. At that point, Yvette who was my customer then, insisted I join Cyclenix for a ride. At a time when I was most in need, I found a family! Then and now I am constantly asked why I don?t ride with people my age. While I always give answers that one's brain can comprehend, it is mainly because Cyclenix for me is my "cheers".

Cheers theme song lyrics:

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see;
our troubles are all the same
you wanna be
where everybody knows your name.
You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
and you wanna go where everybody knows your name."


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