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Local Ride - Sat. Oct. 23, 2021

Next ride: Home Patch ride

Start Time: 6:45am :

Our local rides will meet at 6:45 am at the usual place in the car park opposite Yad L'Banim on Ahuza Street Ra'anana.

It is the responsibility of all riders to ensure that they strictly observe applicable Ministry of Health COVID-19 regulations (such as they may now be!) for themselves as well as for the wellbeing of their fellow riders.

Ride Report - Sat. June 16, 2012 - Ben Shemen Forest -  By Adrian Wolff

Well done Cyclenix

Our weekly email bulletin stated:

Saturday, 16th June, 2012 - AWAY RIDE - Ben Shemen Forest
We will meet on the South Bound side of Highway 4 (Kvish Geha) at he Trampiada immediately to the South of Ra'anana Junction. We will be leaving from the meeting point at 6.30am SHARP so for those of view who wish to have a little chat first, be there by 6.25am the latest! This ride is NOT for beginners!
Yes, the convoy left on time, and yes, this ride was definitely NOT for beginners.

The weather report stated 'hotter than usual' as if our Israeli summers are not hot enough!! Our early departure was good thinking by our Cyclenix organizers. We arrived at Ben Shemen just before seven in the morning to find thousands of other keen cyclist already parked and taken to the tracks or roads. We drove for about one kilometer inside the Ben Shemen Park before finding a suitable parking spot for all of our vehicles. Off-loaded the bikes and about 20 of us were off, lead by our sturdy David Lewis.

David has eventually learnt to use the Garmin GPS and planned the 'best route ever' - see link below. We began by riding for a few kilometers downhill along sweeping trails, around the park, with our first short break at a memorial site to the Hagana soldiers killed in this area fighting against the British-trained Jordanian Legion in the 1948 War of Independence. One of the Hagana soldiers killed was a 19 year-old Holocaust survivor, arriving in Israel in 1946.

David planned the ride to provide all styles of riding - on tar, sand, through the trees down a serious single-track not to be undertaken by the timid!!!. All of us managed with aplomb. Most enjoyable. Most of our ride was in the shade of the tall trees protecting us from the intense direct sun.

The park is huge and despite the large number of cyclist, we never found ourselves in a crowded trail.

We arrived at an observation point looking over the main highways - route 1 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; Highway 6, the north-south toll road and slightly to our right we viewed the edge of the forest. The area to the east consists of barren hills, covered with dry natural grass. The reason for the sudden change in vegetation is 'The Green Line', the 1948 border between Israel and the West Bank. Simply the Jews have planted and grown. We can be proud of our achievements to make the 'desert bloom'.

So far I have not mentioned any hills-what, inclines? Look at the 'route' attachment. We climbed 373 meters during the ride. At times I thought I was training for the Alpine section of the Tour de France due to begin next month. The ride entailed basic fitness, strength and technique, which we all have achieved of ver the years. Any beginner would have definitely hindered the group.

Well done to all of us and Cyclenix.

Ben Shemen Ride GPS information

Ride Report - Sat. June 9, 2012 - Ride Report -  By Ted

Having just returned from visiting HM Lizzie who is marking her 60th yrs of useless reign over a weakened UK, I had visions of the generations of school boys and girls at the UK boarding schools having to eat porridge (gruel) YUKS every morning. What's the connection? The home patch! How many times have we ridden on this well - worn path or paths?

So, surprisingly after an absence of 4 weeks it looked and tasted better than porridge. It really was nice to see all the gang and the route was made more interesting because of David's (as suggested by Dennis) adventurous exploratory deviation near Udim. The ride weather was near perfect and apart from losing Rafi momentarily we had no mishaps. Breakfast at our favourite watering hole was as good as ever as was the clowning. There must be something wrong so the only negative is summer sand and even that we received in small doses. A great ride but excuse me... I must be off to finish my porridge. Maybe I should take more trips in order to return and enjoy the home patch porridge routes!? Interestingly on the subject of subjects and royalty, the three greatest and longest reigning Monarchs of GB have been women so what must we learn from that. Open to discussion at next week's Home Patch ride or elsewhere and no take-away porridge permitted.

Ride Report - Sat. June 3, 2012 - The Sand and the Sea -  By Francis

Eighteen of us gathered at the Hadera train station - an auspicious number in Judaism. So, we could only have a successful ride, couldn't we? Some trivia about Hadera: the land was purchased from a Christian effendi by Hankin (the notable figure in the area) towards the end of the 19th century. It was the largest parcel of land bought by Zionists in Palestine at the time. Now there is some useful cocktail chatter....

We set off with great enthusiasm through the Hadera forest until we encountered our first patch of sand around Emek Hefer. We weathered this and after about 10km came to Nahal Alexander. We stopped to peer at the turtles - they obligingly popped up to say hello. From here it was plain sailing until we came to the sea. We took a break to enjoy the view, eat our healthy snacks and skim stones - Barbara and Jerry are the champions.

We then went north up to Givat Olga once again encountering a rather sandy route. A few rebellious sorts did not FOLLOW OUR LEADER and claim they found a sand-free route. Well, they repented and came back and suffered with us! The compensation was David taking us off the track right along the cliffs with magnificent views of the sea and some hairy dongas (a gulley for those that don't know) that provided some excitement.

By the time we came back to the cars, we covered 27 km - it may have been a tad sandy, but the weather was kind and the company good.

Ride Report - Sat. May 26th, 2012 - Semi Home Patch Ride -  By Gabi Raanan

On this date, 10 of us showed up for the customary Saturday ride.

We have made a breakthrough this time - new routes, both away and back. I believe it was a welcome change from the somewhat chewed-over much-trodden paths we usually ride.

On the away section, we rode via Givat-Chen, starting behind "Chendale" restaurant, which helped us avoid a long, deep, sandy section. The rest of the path till the bridge over Highway-4 was in a surprisingly ridable condition, owing to having been recently watered by the farmers. From there we cut across directly to the Yarkon River and followed the familiar path along the river till the Ayalon shopping center.

Having been in somewhat shortage of time, instead of continuing to the Tel Aviv Harbour, we consignated David, the human GPS, to lead us back home via Ramat Hasharon. As it goes, David led us through a maze of backstreets - where nobody except him would have found their way - straight to a path that cut through the fields and ended at the pedestrian bridge over Highway-5 near the Tennis Center. And to top it off, after some street riding in Ramat Hasharon, Frederick showed us a path near the fence of Taas, which took us to the southern end of Sderot Yerushalaim. From there it was a breeze to Arcafe in Raanana and the end of a pleasant 34 km. ride.

Ride Report - Sat. May 19, 2012 - Home Patch Ride -  By John

7.30 am, and there were a fair number of regulars at the starting point ready for our Saturday exercise. The route we chose was one that we have traversed many times but this time we were in for a surprise. We headed West along Ahuza Street, continuing down HaPark Street and turning off to the left as usual about 300 metres from the Ahuza/Yerushalaim junction only to find that our usual path along this section had been blocked! Undaunted we got over the first sand barrier and headed West looking for another way out. What we discovered was that the construction of Highway 531 has begun!!!!!After making our way across some extremely sandy patches (ably led by our leader, David)we joined up to the route that we should have been on and from there it was plain "sailing", or should I say plain biking. We rode via Rishpon, Shefayim, Gaash, the Gaash Golf course, passing Wingate on its Southern boundary and then on to our " watering hole" for a well-earned refreshment stop. From there it was homeward bound. Because of the detour a few kilometres were added and we ended up riding about 35 kms. As usual, the company was good and the ride was very enjoyable.

Ride Report - Sat. May 12, 2012 - Kfar Menachem - Tel Zafit -  By Rafi Landsman (English Translation by David)

We met in the school parking lot at Kfar Menachem where Anna presented her new bike to us, bought, in her words, in honour of her husband's birthday! Mazaltov Anna!!! This time David was riding a borrowed bike, and finally 11 riders were ready to set off to conquer the brave (for us) unknown. Ted gave us an orientation and history briefing and then straight away proceeded to lead us up to the conquest of our first hill. The climb was exhausting but we managed (on foot too) to reach the summit, but not before passing by some rather nervy dogs and one snake, all of which demonstrated to Merrill "who's the boss around here!"

From the lookout we headed towards an interesting single-track in the Haruvit Forest, a part of which we were forced to traverse on foot, finally reaching a more comfortable path which led us to paved road and from there to a shaded parking area at the edge of a wood to take a break and refresh.

Continuing on, we climbed a moderate but seemingly endless uphill, passing Tel Zafit and riding through agricultural land and open scenic countryside. At the top of the Tel we reached the vineyards, from where we continued on our way on a path leading to Road 6 en route back to the vehicle parking lot.

We arrived exhausted but happy. In total we rode about 28 kilometers, but this fails to convey the considerable effort invested. The landscape was beautiful, the company pleasant and the'weather considerate to us to an extent. As usual according to David's GPS ( ) we ended the ride buried about 12 meters underground...

Ride Report - Saturday, May 5th, 2012 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

A smaller number than usual showed up at the start! The others were probably frightened away by the forecast of a "Hamsin" (which didn't materialise during our ride) and which was the cause of our postponing our scheduled away ride in the South. One of those who showed up for the first time in ages was Shaul, sporting a new Bike, new car and new bike carrier. It was great seeing him again. Welcome back Shaul. It was good to have you with us. Another unusual sight at the start was Megan's clean bike. No one recognised it!!! After inspecting Shaul's new bike and making a "shehecheyanu" we were off on one of our usual routes (with a tiny variation now and then) that took us through the industrial area of Ra'anana, Bazra, Bnei Tzion and Udim.

But, this ride was tinged with a bit of sadness! On our approach towards the fields of Udim, Megan and Merrill heard the plaintiff very weak cries of what sounded like a puppy. Megan and Merrill descended a steep bank and started looking for the source of the noise. It wasn't long before they found the puppy in a state of dehydration. A few phone calls were made and Simone, David and Ingride's daughter, agreed to come and fetch the puppy and take the puppy to a vet to be treated. David, Ingride and Merrill took the puppy and left the group in order to meet Simone and the rest of us rode on. It wasn't too long before we received a call from David telling us the the poor puppy had died!

We met up with David, Merrill and Ingride at the Euro Park at Yaqum. From there, David led us on a new path avoiding the sandy patches (well done David!) to the Gas Station at Gaash for our breakfast stop and home (32 kms in all).

The weather was great and so was the company, and the fact that the Hamsin didn't materialize was an added bonus.

Ride Report - Sat. April 28, 2012 - Home Patch Ride -  By David

Participants: 12 riders including Moshe for the second successive week! Good to see you again Moshe - a ride with us this coming Saturday will put you back into "regular" status! For those of you who don't know (and that's probably most of you) Moshe started riding with John, Hylton and myself way back in the latter 1990s and was responsible for launching the Group into Cyberspace and onto the Israel biking scene when he created our very own Internet website!

Route: From Ra'anana down to the view site in the Sharon Beach Nature Reserve, then north to the southern end of Wingate, over the Coastal Road to Yakum, southwards past Europark and a new variation beyond, back under the Coastal Road to Ga'ash for refreshments, and home - total 34 kms.

Bottom Line: Enjoyable ride, great weather, excellent company

Ride Report - Sat. April 21, 2012 - Elishema - Einat Ride -  By Merrill

We had this great 36km ride today. At 7:30 we gathered at the entrance to Moshav Elishema. It was nice to see some new faces and some "haven't been there for a while" faces. The weather was beautiful, but there was a promise of soon to be heat in the air. Welcome to Woody. Glad to have you with us and hope that we will see you on many of our future rides

19 of us took off together with our fierce leader, David, forging ahead.We cycled to the source of the Yarkon River from Moshav Elishema and then continued past the lily ponds and along bamboo covered paths along the ruins of Antipatros. We detoured for a wild stunt ride in the concrete "basin". Everyone tried a few curves on the walls, but Frederic and I went for the big down and up. For the first time ever, I managed to bottom out my back shock absorber!!!! From there, we continued through the fields and then made a loop around Einat in order to cover a little more territory. We encountered the steep up and down that was made famous on a Spokes ride when Itzik cycled down the steep incline backwards after faltering when he almost reached the top. It was something that you can never forget!

We continued on from there to Kibbutz Einat for a much needed coffee break.The ride back to Elishema was more direct, along the railroad line. Beautiful weather, great company and a lovely ride. There were a few falls, but no broken bones and not a drop of blood was shed. Have to do this ride again soon.

Ride Report - Sat. April 14, 2012 - Home Patch Ride -  By John

Well, Passover had passed us over and there was an above average number of riders (18) at the start. The larger number of riders was probably due to some of us having realised that we had a little excess weight due to overeating and matzah that had accumulated of the week of Pesach that had to be worked off !!!

With the exception of one new detour on the approach to Udim, we followed an often ridden route through Batzra, Bnei Tzion, and onto Udim, Yaqum, Gaash and home with our usual stop at the Gaash Service Station to "refuel". It was a very pleasant ride in pleasant weather and, as usual, the company was great. The distance covered was approximately 34 kms.

It looks as thought the rains have stopped for the time being so we can expect a few more sandy patches than usual on our rides for the next few months, so, be prepared!

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Family: Father of 3 children and a devoted grandfather of 7 grandchildren (+ 1 in the near future).

Education: Technion Haifa, Faculty of Industrial & Management Engineering.

Work Experiences: A wide variety of work places and activities which included implementation of salary incentive methods, systems improvement, as well as project management, factory construction, logistics and the purchaser for electronic companies etc. For the last 30 years until my retirement I served as Vice President Operations in a large and well known data communications company.

Hobbies: A few ? which I enjoyed for a short while only - a self-defense course, wind surfing, sailing an 420 sailing dinghy, horse riding, Jeep driving.

Others - which I constantly enjoy - reading (especially subjects on meditation, fiction, thrillers, adventures), participating in many different kinds of lectures (Bible research, leaders and people who have influenced world history, globalization, linguistic changes in the Hebrew language, subjects relating to cinematography etc.) walking Israel trails (including the Shvil Israel), traveling abroad and, as (you may have guessed!)....cycling in Israel and abroad.

As I am still quite young, I hope to add a few more hobbies in the future!!


  1. ARRIVE ON TIME - Your time is no more important than anyone else’s. Check the night before for air in the tires and that all is in proper working order.
  2. RIDE PACE - This usually determines itself depending upon who and how many are riding. A smaller group is almost always quicker, while larger rides tend to be more relaxed and chatty – accept this reality!
  3. KEEPING UP - Try to keep up with the pace of the group – it makes for a more enjoyable ride for everyone. If there is consensus that the pace is too fast, tell the leader!
  4. NOBODY GETS LOST - Make sure that there is someone behind you who sees your riding direction. If not, wait until someone sees you before you continue… that person behind you will do the same. If everyone in the group does this, nobody gets lost and the group does not have to stop as a whole. We need to have space between riders – it is acceptable that the group is spread out, as long as you have sight contact with the rider in front of you.
  5. YIELD – YIELD – YIELD - Always keep to the right unless you are passing. If you want to pass, make sure they are aware of your intention. Never change “lanes” before making sure you are clear to do so – sudden moves with no warning can cause an accident.
    If you have to dismount due to sand, mud, a technically difficult uphill, etc., pull off the path, so as not to impede the momentum of the riders behind you.
    Always yield to pedestrians, hikers, horses (all are unpredictable!).
    If a rider approaches from the opposite direction and there is no room to safely pass, be prepared to pull off the path and stop.
    The rider going uphill ALWAYS has right of way.
    Restricted Line of Sight? Slow down, increase your awareness and be ready to stop. If you are coming to a blind curve, ring your bell or yell “BEEP, BEEP”.
  6. STAY TOGETHER –If you head up to the front of the ride or pulling away from the group always wait at the next junction for everyone to catch up. If you need to head back to the carpark, phone the leader, or at very least make sure you ask someone in the group to tell the leader.
  7. TECHNICAL SECTIONS – Always wait until there is a safe distance between you and the rider in front before beginning a technical section. If you end up behind a slower rider don’t ride too close behind, it only increases the pressure on that rider and can cause an accident. Hang back and give both of you space to enjoy the trail until you can overtake safely.
    On a section that you would prefer not to ride, walk well clear of the track.
  8. BE PREPARED - Ride with spare inners and/or puncture kits, tools, pump and basic first aid kit. Always wear a helmet, sunglasses, sunscreen, have plenty of water and some snacks. Do NOT wear earphones when riding – hearing what is happening around you is important.


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  2. He/She releases the organizers of the tour from all claims arising out of, in consequences of any loss, injury, damage to his/her person or property while participating in the ride.
  3. He/She is aware of and accepts the risks in participating in the ride.

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