Special Report

To All Cyclenix Members - May 2019
- An Important Message:

All of us are aware of the devastating fires that swept across many areas of Israel over the past week. Amongst the areas damaged or destroyed are areas through which many of us have cycled.

Someone who has on ocassions ridden with us and guided us on some super outings is Tracy Amrani, an avid and experienced cyclist. She has taken it upon herself to raise funds to restore the devestation. This is her project which Cyclenix will help fund.

My GoFunfIt project and the request from Etgarim:

Ben Shemen is burning!
The destruction, the animals, the birds, the young of all animals, the reptiles, turtles, hedgehogs, and others who will not survive the inferno ... You cannot count.
The beautiful Zagalmbia Memorial grove - destroyed. If there are no trees, there are no single tracks among the trees.

My name is Tracy, I ride a bicycle, love nature and man. What happened this last weekend - hurts. To see Ben Shemen in flames breaks the heart. Let's get together and for less than the cost of an inner tube, let's bring the green back to the singles.

Because we all love to ride in Ben Shemen, and we know that rehabilitating the forest will be difficult and expensive. Let us lend a hand in a social rehabilitation project. Target: At least 1000 trees! Which is a grove. This is our way of giving back a little to nature. It's a project for all of us!

The idea - the Riders' Grove! We aim to create a new grove or resurrect the old grove, that was burned - this is to be a contribution of the cyclists' community!
Of course, these funds will be transferred to the JNF for the benefit of reforestation and restoration.

Any amount raised beyond the target will go to purchase bicycles for the "Etgarim" bike warehouse from Kibbutz Harel, bicycles that served the disabled and the blind. A warehouse whose entire contents was burned on the weekend

Please use these 4 links:

The projects homepage is:
CLICK HERE for the project Facebook Page

If you want to donate directly to the purchasing of the bicycles for Etgarim

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