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Ride Report - Sat. June 3, 2017 - Ben Shemen June 2017 -  By Michal

Editor: Before we get to the ride report check out these links to some absolutely cool and fantastic info about the ride. This Relive link is particularly interesting, showing a 3D render of the landscape: CLICK HERE for the Relive Link. Or you can visit YouTube and view this playlist of videos from the ride: CLICK HERE. Now.. back to our regularly scheduled report...

With a dysfunctional Waze link, surprisingly 18 Cyclenixers succeeded in finding their way to Ben Shemen.
Finding parking seemed to be the harder mission since the MTB "Mecca" was packed.
As everyone started to ride, Dina had a chain malfunction. It was quickly fixed and she was peddling with the rest of us in no time. The ride started with a steep hill that got quite a few of us off our bikes. This steep climb left its mark since for the rest of the ride all climbs were compared to the first one.
Yep you got it, what was expected to be a relatively flat ride, turned out to be a climbing challenge.
For me personally i had the fun of pushing two bikes up almost all the hills... it has been quite a while since my last biceps workout.
Some hills, Yoavi gave his all,at one of his hardest workouts yet. He pushed his hardest up the hills while refusing any help.
I found it surprising that some of the adults had more complaints than a poorly functioning company's customer service.
The downhills were fast and fun and let all of us release our leg muscles and gain some speed. One downhill got a few people off their bikes with no real just cause, except for a herd syndrome. Whoever looked to the left of the trail saw some rocks and sand which looked scary. Whoever looked and took the right had no issue.
Yoavi fell into the first group and i knew that this was a challenge he could totally conquer! So back up we walked and he rode down correctly with a boosted ego and a video to show off with. Thank you Yaakov for the videos.
We stopped at quite a few view points and celebrated John 78th birthday with some cake.
Neither Timmy or anyone else fell into the well but Yoavi did "enjoy" a cold shower.
After our ride some of us escaped quickly. It could be because of the lack of a "civilized" breakfast spot or the threat of doing any more climbing, either way they lost out.
The rest of us stayed and "dined" at what could only be referred to as Ben Shemen city. Stall food and drinks and home made beer were enjoyed on a local forrest bench under the shade of the trees.
We covered about 16 kilometers with 300 meters of climbing.
It was a challenging fun ride.
I big thank you to Tracy who take upon the mission of leading us on special different away rides.


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