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Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 16, 2017 - Zichron Ride -  By David

Participants: At the risk of chauvinism (which in my case is a high risk) as well as sacrilege our Shabbat ride was validated with a "minyan" and one other, that one other being Ingride. For those who are mathematically challenged this means that we were 11 altogether. The "one other" expressed serious concern that being the only "girl" she would not be able to "match the machos". But if the truth be told (and my professional background instantly calls this into question) she, and her bike, showed us all that they were both at very least equal to the challenges that lay ahead, of which there were not a few... So Kol Hakavod Ingride!

Route: The route itself appears from my Garmin's GPS data, a link to which is on the website (thanks to our trusted expert Webmaster Joseph Shulman). The data also includes an elevation profile, which tells its own story! Enough uphills and downhills, some more challenging than others, to remind us that the ride is not a "stroll in the park" and that we are mountain bikers doing exactly what mountain bikers do, and doing it well!

Riding Conditions: Weather-wise, I think it was as perfect a day as any biker could dream of. A clear sunny sky, temperatures in the upper teens rising to low twenties towards the end, and a gentle breeze to keep us cool. A variety of trail surfaces from smooth to rather rough (and for Richard and me, proof enough of the strength of the axles on our Leftys!!).

Bottom Line: Our leader was Joseph Kowen, and the Zichron area is his "home patch". So needless to say we were under expert management. This was the third ride that Cyclenix have done with Joseph in the area, this one being a variation on our two previous rides, a little longer, a few more challenges, and views, scenery and the natural beauty in abundance. Thank you Joseph for a truly outstanding ride.


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