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Ride Report - Sat. April 6, 2019 - Local Ride -  By Michal

Home sweet home!

After a long absence due to being challenged, i am finally back home!

Quite psyched up for the easygoing home patch ride with Cyclenix where everybody knows my name and they’re always glad i came.

I should be flattered that the moment i got out of my car about 12 people approached me... though it was to pay for the wheels of hope registration i will still take it as a compliment.

Talia like a peacock with its feathers all spread out is still parading her new Liv!

Talia may you ride it well and happily on good safe journeys!

We headed out soaring on Keren Hayesod out of Raanana. David in attempts to make sure i don’t freeze chose the up hill path. John had a couple four letter words about it. We rode happily heading south towards Tel Yizhak with a couple of fun inclines. Or as i was told “fun for some people”.

So it hasn't rained for almost a week and somehow that doesn’t mean that the route was dry. Nope! Mud mud mud... some puddles were easy to maneuver others not so much. In my desperate attempts to keep my bike clean it seems like the laws of Murphy are just too powerful!

We had a lovely view stop looking at the hidden pond which is quite larger and not so hidden as usual, due to the blessed rains.

Merrill and a couple more whooshed off ahead to get to Landwer as we originally planned.

On the wrong side of the tracks we headed back changing our plans and leading us to Arcafe, where we enjoyed a nice breakfast and a really slight drizzle.

We were approximately 20+ Cyclenixers and enjoyed 30 km’s on yet another lovely shabbat morning on our bikes.

And on a personal note it sure is great being back home!


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