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Ride Report - Sat. April 13, 2019 - Wheels of Hope 2019 -  By Michal

It is now five years that Cyclenix has been doing the off road route of the annual "Wheels of Hope".

This year the group registration has grown and 15 Cyclenixers donated to the worthy cause.

At the last minute Rafi could not come due to a caught back. We hope you have a fast and full recovery.

At the very last minute Anna learned the hard tail way that the lack of regular maintenance for you bike will cost you your pension and suspension.

So while she couldn't fix her bike at the event, she rented a hard tail so she wouldn't have to skip the ride.

We wish your bike a speedy recovery and hope it wont be painful on your pocket.

We started off 13, since the bike rental took a while. Completely confident that Anna will always find and catch up with us.

Spread out in the crowd we rode in smaller groups and every so on stopped for a head count.

I personally had the joy of a very easygoing ride turn to challenge, chasing after Yoavi and Itay.

Ted, I need to thank you for bringing Itay. While he kept Yoavi company I only had to ride... though at a higher heart rate and interval workout that the ride would usually demand, but I think all three of us enjoyed it.

The route was not hard and does seem to change from year to year but the organization did miss one small water spot that challenged us all.

Some rode through the knee high water, some took off their shoes and walked and some just walked it.

We got to enjoy a front wind for the last 10 kilometers of the ride.

The wind slowed us all down and got us a bit winded.

At this point i was helping Yoavi a bit and while passing an Etgarim rider and volunteer who was pushing him i felt it would be a good educational moment.

I told him that he has two legs, two arms, a fully functioning body and brain and it is hard for him at the moment. Look at this rider that though he was challenged both physically and mentally and riding a very special bike that weighs a ton he is still pushing through.

Riding with Etgarim definitely gives you a different perspective.

We finished the ride a bit later than we expected but made it to Landwer for our breakfast stop.

32 kilometers, a great ride with an awesome group is just a perfect way to enjoy our day off.

Thank you all for donating to the Etgarim organization!


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