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Ride Report - Sat. July 6, 2019 - Nachshonim Forest -  By Ted

Waking up before 5AM requires mental training but more importantly motivation. I did manage to beat the alarm and drove to the start point in anticipation of a ride with promise of good things to come. Little did I know that I was being kept in the dark as is apt for a pre 5AM dark wakening. Read on about the "dark". We rode off in slightly humid but breezy conditions in an overcast sky, all 13 of us including 2 ladies. The going was fine until we reached the sharp incline to Nachsonim forest. Initially easy and then the rocky trail fit fora jeep. I admit that it was a first for me, not making the entire climb in one go. I stood with several others waiting for the pulse to return to abnormal. You can't beat aging!!!!!!! David who was leading did mention that at Haim's behest we were stopping later at Kibbutz Nachshonim to Nosh at Haim's in laws. I berated David that it was a waste of time and that the temps would be high by the time we had been "fed up" by an apparently motherly M in L called Leah.

To make things worse we had to scale another mountain to reach Leah's home after Haim had misread the way to our promised oasis. We grumbled and swore but finally found the holy grail. A kindly elderly couple greeted us with such warmth that we all melted into Oohs and Aahs especially after seeing the feast she had prepared. Furthermore, our mouths opened agape when we discovered that this entire ride was a plot to cover up a celebration for David's imminent birthday. The plotters included Ingride, Arik and of course Haim. The OSS could not have done a better job in keeping us in the dark (yes, a dark ride indeed). Even David failed to uncover conspiracy.

We dined and laughed and enjoyed an amazing poem by Arik (our resident Hebrew poet) lauding David and quite rightly so.

We rode home filled with goodies in our bellies and mentally inspired by this well -planned outing. On reaching the paring place we were in such a festive mood that we decided to have another breakfast in Maui just up the road. A cheery b'fast it was with the beer and good spirits flowing.

Thanks to Haim and Ingrid for plotting and a special thanks to Leah and Allan our genial hosts from Nachshonim.

In summary, our calories count burnt was replaced by cals consumed. A wasted morning. Not Likely mate. And a happy B'day David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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