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Ride Report - Sat. July 20, 2019 - Nahal Alexander Away Ride -  By Talia S.

At the unearthly hour of 6:30 am, fourteen of us met in the parking lot at the mouth of Nahal Alexander (the Alexander River). The group included Michal with her impressive new tattoo, as well as guest of honor Stuart! Nahal Alexander is a favorite amongst some of us Cyclenixers and, as Talia F. pointed out, the drive there is special too. This is because, as you leave Route 2 and cross the bridge towards Mikhmoret, the shimmering blue ocean suddenly comes into view in all its glory.

Uri was the lead and he took us along the river through the nature reserve. Some of the route was paved, and the rest consisted of gravel, sand, and a couple of rocky challenges. We stopped at an observation point to have a snack and admire the view. At the turning-back point, a few of us went ahead in the direction we came, not realizing that a detour had been planned. So, unfortunately, we missed the second observation point, situated in a very beautiful spot for the purpose of birdwatching. Later I understood that a lot of cranes had been about, but not (as David pointed out) of the type currently seen in the Herzliya building sites. Furthermore, Ingride told me she’d had the scary experience of a snake crossing her path so swiftly that Ingride couldn’t stop in time and rode over it. Luckily neither Ingride nor the snake were hurt.

A highlight later in the ride was the appearance of an ice-cream van, which is one of the perks of riding in a more civilized area. This was followed by a group recording of “Happy Birthday to You” for Stuart’s mum, who is in Manchester and who has a birthday today. We got back to the cars at around 10 am, which was just a well as it started getting very hot indeed. Some of the group continued from there to Landwer in the Kfar Vitkin Mall, for breakfast and beer.

To summarize, it was a lovely ride of a 32 km average, with good company, beautiful scenery, and ice-cream.


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