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Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 10, 2019 - Local Ride -  By Michal

As usual after updating David, i arrived a couple minutes late so i didn’t get a head count as to how many cyclenixers pitched up to my party... i mean todays home patch ride.

We weren’t a few or neither too many.

Via Herzelia airport and park we headed towards the beach. The ride had a nice flow to it and felt light and breezy. The fact that the weather gave us a break from typical August and its usual boiling point with 99% humidity, added to the breezy factor. It could be the extra early starting time which we all have adapted to.

Some of us followed David and rode along the beach. Others took a detour to avoid the sand, salt and the need to wash their bike when they got home.

Talia F. and I were especially happy about the beach part since David had in mind my request for a dip in water.

It was a perfect birthday dip! Regardless the black flags. The water was amazing! I was missing Ingride at this point since she is always my trust worthy partner in crime when it comes to a quick dip during our cycling adventures. Talia cooperated very nicely and I believe when Ingride returns there is great potential for a water threeo.

On the ramp leaving the beach we all enjoyed the shade and some birthday cake which was gobbled all up very fast and leaving no crumbs for Merrill.

On the way back we took the road less traveled for a change. I think it should be the road more traveled since it made the way back shorter with less of an incline or at least a friendlier one.

We then happily wined and dined at arcaffe.

Our ride covered 27 km’s

It was mentioned today that i joined the group just before my 30th birthday.

Thank you all for putting up and cooperating with my shenanigans for the past six years!

Special thanks to David for the perfect birthday ride and to John my beloved breakfast buddy


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