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Ride Report - Sat. Nov. 5, 2016 - Sovev Tel Gezer (Latrun Area) -  By Tracy

I was asked to accompany a group of Cyclenixers on a ride in the Hulda area. We rode near the base of the Judean hills, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

After getting hold of a map and emphasizing my uncertainty about the route, we set off. 18 people in all braved the changing terrain. Starting at Beit Hertzel, in the Hulda forest we rode passed vineyards, fields and scrub, towards Tel Gezer.

Tel Gezer is an archaeological park, there are remnants from the Middle Bronze Age and the early Kingdom of Israel. One of the most impressive examples is the Gezer waterworks, established either during the Canaanite period or the Israelite period.

From Tel Gezer we made our way towards and through Kfar Bin Nun, from there heading towards Ya'ar Ha'meginim. Missing our turn off, we ended up adding a bit more climbing to the route, than was planned but reach the rest stop in good time. Some people made the most of the stop and even managed to catch a few winks, other sufficed with climbing on a horse and having a bite to eat. The grove we sat in had a memorial site dedicated the holocaust survivors, with no families, who served in the Gaha"l and were killed in the line of duty - an olive tree surrounded by stone with the names of the 436 people killed.

After riding along the edge of the forest, enjoying a longish downhill segment, we reached the first of two special POI's. The anchored armored car was place in memory of the infantry unit that served in the area and the 2nd point of interest is a complete Nord airplane that was placed there in memory of the Paratroopers 317 Unit.

There happened to be an event for people with horses so the whole area was full of horse carts, mobile homes and equipment - therefore not very peaceful or quiet. We moved on passing parsley fields and scrub, I can't wait for the rain to paint everything green again.

At the Nachshon junction we missed the turn and went up road 44, instead of going back into the field and up to the combat engineering memorial. It was unanimously decided to get back to the cars by the short route - the road.

I must note - it is always a pleasure to ride with you and I enjoyed the time spent together. Next time will be better and I know we will go back to the area as there is a lot more to see.

Shavua Tov.

(Footnote: Thanks Tracy for leading us on this most interesting and enjoyable ride and introducing many of us to a new biking area. We will certainly be doing this ride again, and hope that you will join us once more - David)


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