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Ride Report - Sat. May 20, 2017 - Zichron Ya'acov  -  By Michal

"Josephs luck was really out
his spirit and his fortune low
alone he sat, alone he thought
of happy times he used to know"
So we got an invite to come and ride the hills of Zichron to bring back happy times to Joseph... While the original Joseph had 11 brothers our Joseph had 16 followers. In less than 5 kilometers, it seemed that the back of the herd had somehow made a wrong turn. Standing in our spot, trying to phone the front of the herd to verify their whereabouts...
"Hey dreamer, don't be so upset
hey Joseph, you're not beaten yet"
Coming to our rescue our leader was pedaling towards us.
At this point the gods had gone bonkers and opened up its waterworks!
Yep it is bloody may and while we should be experiencing heat waves we got to enjoy a cold shower!
We were led to the rest of the herd who were all waiting at the vulture nesting cages. A spot where someone has to reference "the jungle book"
Buzzie: Hey flaps, what we gonna do?
Flaps: I don't know. What you wanna do?
My suggestion was let's keep pedaling so no one develops hypothermia.
"Go, go, go Joseph you know what they say
Hang on now Joseph you'll make it someday
Don't give up Joseph fight till you drop
We've read the book and you come at on top"
Wet and cold (at least some of us), already been lost, from here it all should get better...
Or let's add mud accumulating on our tires just for kicks and giggles!
Some of us had to stop again and again to clean off the mud. Some succeeded in pushing through it somehow. Either way it slowed us down.
Indeed our Joseph got us all to the top where we enjoyed the amazing view overlooking the entire coast line. A few pictures, some chit chat and we were on our bikes again.
A fun fast downhill part lifted our spirits and flung all the mud off our tires.
With clean tires and adrenalin getting our heart rates up we started to climb the rocky parts. Not even being close to climbing the Rockies but was a challenge for all. I was wondering how David specifically took on the challenge since this route was what made him look towards 29 inch wheels.
We got back to our cars to discover that the ride hadn't ended. Whoever felt like joining we went and extra couple kilometers to the baron gardens for a quick visit.
At the head of the gate in golden Latin letters: CONCORDIA INTEGRITAS INDUSTRIA.
It got some reminiscing back to the days when they studied Latin. Others were hooked up on "The life of Brian" references which gave us a good laugh. So we didn't "wewease Bwian" but we did release Joseph from his faithful duties as he headed home and we went to our cars.
As I drove off in my new Toyota Auris hybrid 2014, others went to enjoy breakfast and Landvers in Binyamina.
We covered about 18 kilometers, endured the uphill's, rain and rocky terrain and yet went home smiling.


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