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Ride Report - Sat. March 26, 2016 - Home Patch Ride -  By Machal

"Come Fairies; take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!" William Butler Yeats
8 courageous riders were ready to take on the dodgy weather. An additional two got cold feet from seeing it rain on the way to Beit Shemesh and turned around to join the more promising Sharon area.
Yep so my morning started at 04:30 am to get prepared for a 6 hour navigation ride with Dana somewhere near Beit Shemesh. However after having rain accompany us for quite a bit of the way and actually arriving at our destination I gave John a call to beg for the group to wait for us. Surprisingly we made it on time.
So 10 all together we peddled off to a quite familiar route led by David. Riding up Ahuza, towards Kfar Shmaryahu and over road no. 2 to our beloved view point at Arsuf.
I am always in awe from the scenery standing at the edge of the cliff. One feels so small staring at the open waters gushing at the shore on this beautiful cloudy grey day.
We appreciated, we chatted, we took some photos and I personally managed to have my first sandwich of the day. (Take in consideration that I prepared for 6 hours of uncertainty)
We continued to Shfayim just after Barbara left us to go indulge in another great passion of hers... dancing.
The sandy parts leading towards Yakum were worse than they should be this early in the spring. We can expect some of the paths to be more than a challenge in the near future.
surprisingly Ingride asked to stop and wait a couple times only to realize that she was searching for broken pieces of glass left behind by the glass factory that once stood there.
David did not cooperate with her, John tried to figure out why there would still be glass from roman times, I cursed the "bloody w(r)omans" (reference from the life of Brian) and all continued.
At this point we were riding with a front wind adding to the challenge but beyond the regular complaints it didn't seem to slow us down too much. Talia seemed to be a bit behind and while I was wondering if she may have been ahead of me without noticing, she appeared to be riding happily and without even noticing that she knew the way without anyone leading her to us.
Way to go Talia!!!
Riding too close to the thorns I got pricked on two different occasions. I guess that pricks will tend to leave you hurting... (All puns intended to the"derogatory term used to sum up the existence of a worthless a$$hole" not the other kind)
Ingride also got a bit of a bleeder on her ankle but neither one of us was in need of attention beyond the constant attention that we demand. Somehow after 34 km's we landed up at Landwer! I bet you didn't expect that!
There Ted was waiting for us for breakfast...
It was a great ride with nice chilled weather and great company


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