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Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 24, 2016 - Zichron Area Away Ride -  By Michal

Three cyclenixers too many to call this ride Joseph and his brothers... you do the math. We all gathered on this lovely morning to follow Joseph's tracks. For him this is basically his home patch ride, for us it was a new and exciting away ride.

We started at Ramat Hanadiv where very fast we started climbing. Though we were warned that the area is not level plains like the Sharon area the climb were not too steep and at the end of the ride we discovered that we had less than 300 meters of elevation gain.

Though no too bad in climbing terms, it was quite a challenge due to the rockiness of the trails. Very soon we got to our first stop where we all got off our bikes to see the vultures. Wild vultures can come and go as they please to this huge cage on the mountain cliff. Three vultures were happily resting while we were observing and discussing the topic. Funnily enough, I was not the only one that had the Jungle book pop to mind.

Watch the link and maybe the whole movie if you have time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZDo-udXmgQ

We continued on riding still going in the general up direction on rocks of different shapes and sizes. Some succeeding, some not so much, and some getting stuck behind the not so much. It was a constant fun challenge of skill rhythm and correct choices.

At our second stop, we reached ruins from the second temple period or in David's words "from before my time". According to the signs it was what I summed up as the old school life styles of the rich and famous. It seems that the area that was built by the Baron Rothschild and his family was a wealthy area way before his and David's time.

We stood on a view point which looks over the sea, from Hadera on our south and stretching all the way up north to the Carmel.

Dina and Abraham danced on the benches while my bike and I climbed a tree. On our way again this time enjoying soaring downwards, all letting go of our inhibitions.

We arrived at another stop. This stop didn't seem to have any intentions except for a nice sweet resting spot under some trees and a place to sit. A few people got there before us but we didn't mind. We all stood and watched the strangers while they were rock climbing. Two men, a woman and a child who were all enjoying their Shabbat recreation.

Abraham swung from one of the ropes, the strapping stranger asked if anyone would like to try... my name was thrown around and I think it might have brought upon his enquiring.

It was an offer that I couldn't refuse! He quickly climbed up the side of the wall without being secured with any means except for his hands, feet and skills. He attached me to a harness and held the rope that secured me. While he constantly gave me advice and encouragement, from down below I succeeded in reaching the top! It was an amazing, fun and random experience! It also gave me answers about how much weight can my recently healed collar bone carry... as I got down my arm muscle started to cramp up but that was solved with some of Raffi's nuts and a salt capsule.

We got back on our bikes to start the last two climbs for the day, I was quite drained from the wall climbing and the rocky terrain was not helping anyone at this part.

When we finally reached Zichron Yaacov we decide to have our breakfast stop at a nice coffee shop on the boardwalk there. It was a lovely idea and was welcomed by all who decided to stay for breakfast. We covered about 20 kilometres with just less than 300 meters of total ascent but the stats in this ride were besides the point...

the company, the vibe, the views, the experiences and even the challenges were what made this ride great!

A big thank you to Joseph for taking on the lead today!


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