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Ride Report - Sat. Oct. 22, 2016 - Coming soon -  By Ted

The Yarkon river ride is for me a recurring traumatic experience because it was my first bike 18 years ago after 40 years of abstaining from that wonderous opiate of biking. I eventually finished that ride, a Ronny Green Wheeler event (the only one I ever paid for) and even Magen Davids efforts to resuscitate me barley succeeded. But the next week I shrugged it all off and Dina and I both bought our first bikes, the infamous Raleigh. My recollection of that first Yarkon bike ride is dust, wheezing and more dust and more wheezing, gasping for air, dodging ruts and toppling over into the cane face forward, still clad in my regular sloppy shorts and oversized helmet and then being rescued with my face red not only from the burning sun. So when David suggested on Sat that we head for the Yarkon I broke out in rashes, flipped over and frothed at the mouth and even the presence of 25 other riders did little to reassure me and return my composure. David's calming voice and explanation of a recently discovered route finally brought down my 220 pulse to a normal 130 and off we went.

Shaul's presence and our visiting rider Beth together with Prodigal Denis who popped over to see whose still alive inspired me to focus on the task ahead. Herding the riders from the rear with my two alternating Sweepers, Uri and Sasha. The latter always updates me on his latest cooking journeys into the culinary so my grumbling stomach ignited by his detailed description of the delightful dishes is a wonderful distracter and very soon I started to enjoy the ride. I also rode alongside Beth briefly and gave her a run down on the citrus grove and our past illustrious history as the Citrus capital of Europe and the origins of the Jaffa Brand,( the Jaffa port in Mandate times) now disgracefully sold to some outfit whose real owners are probably some Sheiks in the Gulf. Munching on barely ripe souring Grapefruit was indeed an embarrassing reminder of our past glory as leaders in Agriculture and one wonders why the Govt is systematically destroying Ag., this vital part of our economy.

The route was amazingly clear of the post winter ruts (soon to come upon us) and were in no time on the return portion via the southern bank of the Yarkon which also enabled us to ride thru some cane tunnels. Weather was autumn perfect and in no time we were in Hod Hasharon where we stopped over at CafeCafe for a great breakfast. The beer swill mob were in full form while others opted for the mundane but delicious fare the place offers. A place worth recommending!!!

Thanks David... and I won't be needing my Prozac after the Yarkon ride (at least not this Time)... but why am I breaking out in sweat every time I type "YYYYAAAARRRRRKKKOONNN"
Incidentally Dina who also dislikes that ride send her love and Shana Tova to all!!!


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