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Ride Report - Sat. March 21, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Michal

The time was 7:20, and for a change I got there a bit early... seemed as if quite a few of the regulars decided to ditch us this week...
14 of us set off for a nice morning ride!
David led us up, up and away out of Ra'anana towards the Yarkon...
The weather was a bit chilly with hopes of it getting warmer in spite of the rain forecast.
Rain might not be too bad since the paths are beginning to produce sandy sand that we all dread so much; reminding us that it is officially spring and that summer is just around the corner.
The ride today was AMAZING!!!
The paths were nice and easy with an occasional challenge in the form of an uphill, sandy sand, mud and water...
The biggest challenge of them all was to try and keep Ingride's shoes clean!
As I noticed her pretty shoes and complimented her on them, she was in shock that she came with the wrong pair. her cycling shoes were left at home and her pretty running shoes were soon discover that you can get your feet quite dirty without them touching the ground, or just barely.
The ride was relatively clean of mishaps except for me... my bike decided to pick up a string and wrap it around rear derailleur (I googled it) also had to jump off my bike at a part where I had poor judgment on the correct gear for a turn and uphill all in one.
John was trying to convince me to write the ride report and I was trying desperately to sell the gig while we all enjoyed Rafi's nuts (no pun intended, just a regular joke with Cyclenix)
The highlight of the technical riding was Merrill's accomplishment of riding through the Nile after Ted did not succeed in parting it for us. While we all tiptoed on the rocks, some with shoes on feet some in hand, Merrill patiently waited to show us all how it should have been done.
As David said: "it's a lose, lose situation. Either you have wet feet or you are going to have wet feet"
Though my tracker stopped at 5 km's and John's phoned turned off, Alex (Sasha) tracked 42.6 km's.
For breakfast we planned on going to Lola and Kuba but they were closed for a private party... so we went to Landwer Hod Hasharon but they were full and had no intention of trying to find space for 10+ people. So we tried our luck at Arcafe Hod Hasharon but still no cigar.
It kind of took the hype out of such a great ride that we had no place to all sit and unwind... so we all just headed home.
Well John and I went to trusty Landwer Ra'anana where no one else pitched up but we enjoyed our breakfast as usual!


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