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Ride Report - Sat. June 11, 2016 - Change is good - Home Patch Ride -  By Ted

Riding the local area can be tedious as we ride almost the same routes but with slight modifications from time to time. We used to call it variations on a theme as in Paganini etc. When David in recent weeks remarked that he would welcome the idea of different riders leading the rides (changing the routes) it indicated a time for change. So what has that to do with Sat's ride?

If you want to stretch a point this was a ride in the spirit of change. Firstly Shaul for a change. came along for a birthday ride in changing from 85 to 86. David reversed previous week's ride in reverse so that's a change. Then we had Haim taking us on a new route to Green beach with a different routes to and from the Breakfast spot on the beachfront resulting in two changes. And to add to the atmosphere or spirit of change many were quite happy to remain under the canopy in easy chairs for the entire day and leave the riding to others. In the spirit of change I had a beer along with Haim…we were in good" spirits" after that!!!! We toasted Shaul over breakfast (burnt to a birthday crisp) and we look forward to his future rides and birthdays with us and may they be numerous!!!!

Where we ride is not so important as John and I agreed. It is the very ride and the company that is important but we actually ride because we are content with the rides and the company so why change?

The June weather was also uncharacteristic (a change from the norm) with a delightful cooling Southerly breeze and low humidity providing perfect visibility. I could even spot David's orange red riding top from my regular position at the rear end (no dirty minds permitted so stop laughing). We rode almost 40 kls but the weather and the extended breakfast stopover made it feel like20. It did however warm up as we neared Ra'anana but it was bearable?

David and Haim...thanks.

If you have ideas for a ride route or you want to lead the ride simply call David or John. Change is always welcome.


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