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Ride Report - Sat. July 2, 2016 - Old Bicycles and Old Cars -  By Michal

I have to say that helping behind the scenes is always a fun experience!
I am always blown away when I turn to be out the responsible grown up out of the bunch. One would think that that would happen quite often when dealing with John but much unexpected when David is involved.
David succeeded in pranking me and made me believe that he, Ingride, Ted and Dina will be doing a local ride instead. When John heard about this he retaliated with a little prank of his own. Against my personal beliefs he got David to fall in the trap and convinced him that the ride was cancelled. The thought of David excusing himself from a meeting to figure out the last minute plans was quite funny and gave us all a good laugh. After all the jokes and pranks the ride was on!
25 Cyclenixers pitched up this morning for a different away ride. While most away rides are usually more challenging than the regular home patch, this one was planned to be more leisurely with a stop at the bicycle museum.
Everyone succeeded in arriving without any problems which was surprising since I wrote two left turns that should have been right... another bulletin was sent out to correct my two wongs ;)
First we enjoyed a tour at the bicycle museum.
Alon Wolf, the owner of the museum, explained about the museum, the bikes and the history. I think all were quite fascinated, especially from the fact that he has a huge self built museum, which functions all on donations and it has all been done in a short period of 8 years. So between all the old bikes in the museum the joke was that Alon might start collecting Cyclenixers...
The heat being our enemy of the day made us all hurry out to our ride for the day.
Led by Alon we rode from the museum in Herev Le'et heading south towards Givat Haim.
We then continued to Elyashiv going to Nahal Alexander to the turtle bridge. We had a nice stop there to enjoy the nature, the turtles coming out to say hello, a few photos and quick noshing on all the salty treats.
We got back on our bikes to start heading back. Through Geulei Teman and back to Herev Le'et. The ride back was shorter and all in all the entire ride was shorter than our usual and than what was expected but I didn’t hear any complaints.
When we got to our cars Yoavi proved to be a true Cyclenixer and asked me: "where are we having breakfast?" gotta love the kid! Ted suggested that we go to Mishmar Hasharon to eat because there was a meeting of collectable cars and their owners. Almost all of us followed while some went home for other plans.
It was a great idea and we all enjoyed looking at all the cars. There were a lot of ooh's and ahh's! While Yoavi was amazed with the engines being in the rear end of some of the cars it turns out Ingride prefers the engine in the front. I found this amusing since I couldn’t care where the engine is as long as I have one that works! Can't be too picky now.
We continued to have breakfast at "Masada" where the food was nice and the waiters were great however it took too long for some meals to get out. The problem seemed to be that there weren’t enough waiters for the size and capacity of the place. We didn’t let it bring down the mood though. We only did about 15 kilometres but our day was full fun exciting activities. The vibe was kind of like a fun day when on holiday. So much to see and do that you get back home happily exhausted.
So now if you actually have read this far go into YouTube type in "Queen - Bicycle Race" (or press on the link) and pump up the volume!


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