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Ride Report - Sat. Aug. 6th , 2016 - Michals Birthday Ride -  By Michal

August brings with it the heat waves and impossibility of doing any real away rides. It also brings the travels for many of the group's riders, but most importantly it brings my birthday!

The first group of Cyclenixers were abroad pedalling along in the pouring rain in Holland. It seemed that not too many would show up for a hot and sticky day in august, but we were about 20+ riders. Surprisingly the weather was quite bearable, especially in comparison to the days prior to it.

We started at Lola and Kuba parking lot in Hod Hasharon where my bike was waiting with a balloon that Yoavi got me for my birthday. The route was a regular one of ours, the Yarkon ride just without the boring part of getting there and back from and to Ra'anana.

The plus side to it as that it has some shade thanks to the bamboo area and it isn't a hard ride. We all rode along happily through it till we reached the famous water crossing. At this spot where we usually take a detour around it we decided to cross through it. As usual watching other courageous riders make poor attempts to ride through it first, while evaluating the situation. I decide to be the first one to try my luck with the wrong speed, wrong gear and wrong choice of where to ride through it. I failed just as miserably as the previous riders. Then Ted tried his luck, or more like his smarts. At such ease with all of us waiting filming and cheering him on, he did it! With no problem what so ever! Perfect on the spot a "douze points"!

We continued much less in the shade heading back to Hod Hasharon. Somewhere on the way, Merrill our trusty leader for the ride, made a booboo and missed a turn. Frances and I took the more mature option and did not make any jokes about it... at least to her face. I'm sure that some others who will not be named had a moment of somewhat childish joy in it.

Kudos to Merrill for leading the ride and actually staying with the whole group and making sure that we were all present. We all know that that was not a simple task to demand from you. ;-)

We all arrived back to Hod Hasharon to enjoy a wonderful breakfast stop at Sydelles house. I knew about the little breakfast and even requested David's famous cheese cake but Sydelle being Sydelle took the food to a different level.

David was making sure Ted and Dina find the place when I blew out my candles and everyone sang happy birthday to me... while he missed out on the show he heard it all the way outside to the entrance of the road and felt the birthday vibe.

We video chatted our touring Cyclenixers in the land of cheese and weed for a couple minutes that I dont really think anyone of the sides could hear or understand what was going on. Blame it on the excitement, the weed, gay parade, the noise, bad connection or faulty hearing aid the moment was still special.

We did 26+ kilometres which were pointless when we all gobbled up the infamous cheese cake but I choose to believe we had a fun day.

I personally would like to thank all who took part and especially to those for preparing things for a delightful day.

Thanks all!


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