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Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 26, 2015 - Hadera Forest- Nahal Alexander Ride Report -  By Michal

First you don't succeed...

well we didn't really try last week since the weather brought the management to cancel the ride. In retrospect it seems like it was a smart move since the terrain was still a bit muddy after an entire week of sun.

22 riders all suited up for a cold winter's day. We welcome Tracy who joined us today to get back on the saddle after a riding injury. This ride is exactly as I remembered it from the last time we did it. I recall a lot of trying to find our way, crossing over the main road etc... I guess after repeating all the same wrong turns and blocked off paths the next time we do it will be ice-cream! (Third time ice cream, translated from Hebrew, I know you say third time's a charm but I like ice cream more!)

Not too far into trying to cross over again and again we had a small casualty. Yochi was off her bike and injured her arm, I accompanied her to the nearest petrol station for her husband to come and fetch her. We all wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon! We crossed over road no.4 and finally succeeded in getting into the fields of Geulei Teman. We rode through the tall grass all wet from the dew and built a new single.

I call it the Cyclenix single. Stuart was trying to convince us to try and make crop circles and leave the Cyclenix logo for all alien believers to come and appreciate.

We finally made it to Nahal Alexander!!

Dodging the people who were enjoying the great outing weather, we rode happily along all the way down to the beach. We had a great nice stop and photo opportunity, enjoyed the amazing view, fresh air and company.

On our bikes again we rode alongside the coast. Going up the cliff, constantly pedalling through the sandy sand. We all dropped our gears and gave it our best and I think almost all made it through the very long patch of sand.

After 28 km's we all arrived to our cars all happy that the rain gave us a break for a week so we could enjoy this wonderful easygoing ride. We hope that next time David remembers not to use the same route for this ride so we can skip all the road crossing for next time. On the other hand it gives me stuff to write about...

the majority of the riders all went on to enjoy a nice breakfast stop at Aroma in Rupin.

And last but not least, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Rafi :)


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