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Ride Report - Sat. Jan 23, 2016 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

6.30am. There are dark clouds on the horizon (very ominous) but the sun is peeping through and there's no wind. The weather forecast was "RAIN"! Oh, what the hell, I decided to get dressed and go to the meeting point and see who else pitched up. I ventured outside with my bike and pedalled 250 metres to the starting point. I was freezing! & others decided as I had, with Ingride being the only rose amongst the thorns. Well done Ingride!

Shortly after 7.30am we pedalled off with Haim leading the way and our sweep today was David. Trusty Ted didn't show up. Maybe he knew something we didn't.
We cycled to Weitzman Street and then tuned West making our way passed the Cemetery and then North along a somewhat muddy path. On the way down to the Cemetery it started to drizzle so we made a stop at the cemetery to enable Hylton to don his rain gear. As soon as he had, yes, you guessed it, the drizzle stopped!
On we pedalled crossing the level crossing between Kfar Shmaryahu and the Shefayim railway siding, making our way up towards the Coastal Road, our intention being to circle the lake at Yaqum and then head for home. The sky had darkened! Half way around the lake it happened. The heavens opened up and the rain started in various degrees of ferocity. To put it mildly, there was a bloody downpour!!! Rain suits proved not to be rainproof (except for David's jacket). In minutes I was drenched. Every time I hit a bump there was a distinctive "Squish" from the padding of my riding shorts and I am sure the water sprayed out from the sides of my saddle!!!!We sought refuge under a bridge but it really didn't help. The damage was done the the longer we stood out of the rain , the colder we got! So, what the hell! In for a penny, in for a pound. We decided to ride on, taking a route only along tarred roads.
Most of the mud that our bikes had collected was washed off. (Less to clean when we got home). All except yours truly, Ingride and David, decided to head straight for home. The three of us stopped at Aroma, Park Mall, for a very, very light snack. By the time we made it to Aroma the rain had stopped but I (and Ingride) were freezing. A quick cup of coffee to warm our innards and we were off again, homeward bound.

My summary of today's ride. Great company, something different, enjoyable (for me), somewhat "squishy" and definitely very wet and cold. Oh that I had taken my yellow "Banana suit". I could have kept nice and dry (and warmer)! BUT, the end of the story is we're all still smiling. Have a great week and be prepared for lots of rain in the next few days.


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