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Ride Report - Sat. Feb 13, 2016 - Hof Hacarmel Ride Report -  By Ted

Spring- like weather ( 13 deg?) greeted the 21 riders at the start point at Ein Carmel by the Banana Plantation. We met there almost 8 months ago and the Bananas offered less protection as they were almost bare to those who dared to bare their private parts prior to setting off southwards. After a delayed start we set off southwards in perfect conditions with a cooling NE breeze. The pace was leisurely as we passed the beautiful pampered cemetery of Ein Carmel (yes, some are beautiful) where a dear friend lies and whenever I pass the point I think how unlucky she was to succumb so young and how lucky we are to be well enough to be riding. A short rise further and several dog encounters and we were at the height overlooking the ancient pumice water storage cisterns where I gave a short dissertation on sex and other matters. An amazing feature was the presence of a flock of Flamingos enjoying the waters of the "lake" which gave rise to avid discussions on the Flamingo and other fowl

We weaved our way thru Ein Ayalas' hot -houses and scampered down and up the drainage canal to finally reach Habonim. We visited the Crusader ruins for yet another short explanation on the history of the place and off we went towards Dor along the partly lime stone trail.. We reached the beach at Nachsholim via the beach gate as entrance fees are exempted in winter. A short snack stop to take in the view by the waters was followed by the ascent up to the ruins of Dor. The spectacular views and yet another informal explanation on the history of the site played second fiddle to David's pun on Rappa-port and if you missed out and are curious call David or me for details.. We rode along the sea front in partial sandy spots where David met a friend who only days ago recommended to David how to breach the beach.. We pedaled across several minor coves to finally reach the car park near the Habonim railway crossing.

Above us parachutes slowly made their way earthwards as we aimed for the Airstrip at Habonim with its recently rebuilt Paras terminal. We stopped there for breakfast and gawked at the Paras gracefully landing while breakfast was served. We visited the Terminal and admired the architecture, airline seats and museum pieces. We were so relaxed that it took some effort to get us back on the bikes. Several riders in a hurry split off from the "diners" who were able to enjoy faster service??!!! The temp had by now risen but cloud cover helped as we crossed the bridge at Atlit for the final assault to the car park.

I should mention the amazing array of flowers that lined the paths and the birds in varying types that entertained us on the way, Also realised how many riders have upgraded bikes sine last year's ride.

What a ride, what a group, what a day. Thanks David for the ultimate ride.

And if you are observant or possess with a good memory you may realize this report is a copy paste of my report from last June. I just love the age of computers!!!!!and I did warn John of my criminal intentions to plagiarize my own work$$$$$$


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