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Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 5, 2015 - Home patch ride report -  By Talia

The group of riders who showed up today at 6:30 am was of an unusual composition. Ingride arrived without David, who is recovering from a cycling accident; Ilan arrived without Yvette, who is in Poland with their daughter; and John arrived without his bike to tell us that he had a bad back (and then returned to bed, I hope). Megan was back after a six-month break, accompanied (or rather persuaded) by her friend Sonia who has just emigrated from France. A second newcomer was Meir, who was riding alone because his wife was unwell. Richard then told us that unfortunately his wife, too, had fallen from her bike the week before. So I'd like to to give a warm welcome to Sonia and Meir, and to wish a speedy recovery to all those who are poorly.

There were only ten of us with none of the regular organizers, so Meir, Ilan and Meryl put their heads together and came up with a very nice route. We set off along Weizman Street and turned right into the fields just in front of Kiryat Sharet. We passed the Ra'anana cemetery and then headed north in parallel to (and east of) the Rishpon River. Approaching Route 553 we turned east, riding through Tel Itzhak, and then slowly making our way south again. We then headed towards Route 5511 and continued south past Bnei Zion and Batzra. From there it was back to Ra'anana and coffee.

It was a cordial group despite the heat. Conversation covered a variety of topics, including the influence of chemicals on the brain and the educational benefits of television. We agreed that we are actually a very scientific group and that riding teaches us a lot, especially about gravity.

Meryl found a pouch containing an iPhone and enough money for at least one round of coffee for us all at Landver, but decided to find the rightful owner by calling some of his contacts (at 7am on a Saturday morning). Luckily he returned on his bike before she got the chance, and provided enough information to convince us that the pouch was his. He then received a little lecture from some of us, and will never ever lose his phone again, ever!

There were a few impressive sewage puddles to cross - which we tackled like heroes - and quite a bit of sand. On one of the stops Michal kindly passed around a bag of nuts, raisons, and dried peas that she had prepared, to compensate for the bag that Rafi always brings along (when he is not overseas). She did have some trouble opening this packet of nuts, however, which people seemed to think explained a lot.

We gently made our way back to Ra'anana, with Meir and Avraham heading home a little earlier. I couldn't stop for coffee today, but understand that the group was met by John and Uri, and that a good time was had by all.

To conclude, it was a 22 km ride, shorter than usual but a lot of fun and great exercise.


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