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Ride Report - Sept. 19, 2015 - Tel Mond, Kadima and Ilanot -  By Michal

After about 2 months of home patch rides we finally had an away ride!

The weather has finally improved with the humidity down, temperatures down, sand storm has blown away and all our riders are back from their cycling adventures overseas.

20 of us gathered this morning not too far from home as our ride started at the high school in Tel Mond. A very special guest (I'm biased), new rider, Yoav AKA "The King" joined us for part of the ride... or so we intended. With a humongous smile all over his face, he greeted everyone who was surprised to see a 9 year old join the group. Ilan, our graceful leader for the day, led us out of Tel Mond straight into the fields heading towards Tzoran. We turned into Kadima forest to Tzur moshe, where Yoavi was supposed to be fetched. He was up for more and we just couldn't bear to part from him just yet...

We arrived at Ilanot forest and had a quick stop at the maze, where John, Yoav, Ingride and I dared to take on the adventure of finding our way out. We also searched for the cork trees... in Ilanot forest, live two most amazing trees, the type that corks are made out of. Needless to say that they were climbed... next to the different types of trees were barcodes that one could scan with a Smartphone and it would open a YouTube video with the explanation of the tree.

I personally am in awe of that!

We continued from Ilanot forest, the east side, where we crossed under road number 4 to the west side of it and continued to ride around the forest with Netanya in the not so far distance. Back through the forest straight into Kadima and back to Tel Mond. Sadly we didn't stop at biggest rocking horse in the world which is located in Kadima.

At the entrance of Tel Mond, Alon had a brush up with a feisty Bougainvillea, leaving him with a nasty cut on his face. John cleaned him all up and we all arrived in one piece back at the high school parking lot.

The majority of the ride route was "Derech Halev", which is a riding route that surrounds the entire area of Lev Hasharon. John stayed faithful to his normal shenanigans with Ingride and Yochi as his main targets. Yoav was amused of the fact that he was more mature than John... At the end he stayed with us for the whole 24km's and had a great time thanks to all the friendly riders of Cyclenix!

We then had a nice breakfast stop at Aroma at the mall in Bnei Dror where Yvette joined us with her father who is in Israel for a visit.


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