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Ride Report - Sat. June 6, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Michal

Seventeen of us pitched up in the early morn... (From next week might be earlier so follow the updates!!) Anna and Yochi twinned up in matching shirts, Rafi came with his new bike for which he must thank the robbers for forcing him to upgrade.

David started the ride off with a bit of a twist: Up Ahuza and right to Hashachar leading us all the way around the cemetery and out into the fields.
The path took us straight to Rishpon and then north to Arsuf, one of our favorite view points.
Just before climbing over the wooden barrier, John found a cute little kitty cat and realized that I should have taken my Ritalin today to prevent my mouth working faster than my neurons. I think I said something about John finding a pussy cat... I might have forgotten the word cat though... don't remember :-)
It's always a great refreshment and photo stop, with the breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean sea from high up above.
Rafi as usual generously shared the "original Rafi's nuts" with us, while I shared the cheap imitation J . Photos, laughs, jokes and some quality time was had and once again back to pedaling.

We carried on North towards Shefayim and Gaash and then east to Yakum.

Somewhere during our ride we came across some hay stacks. Turns out that, thanks to the hay climbing I did on the Wheels of Hope ride, Sasha (Alex) and David thought of calling me to come climb again, but there were better surprises this time in the hay...
I noticed four people in the distance near a hay stack; something looked not right so I stopped. I squinted my eyes to try and see a bit better, and again just to make sure that I did see correctly. There were three naked people (two girls and a guy) and one dressed guy. We are not sure to what the purpose of their random nudity was, but probably no movie making, since there were no cameras except for ours. Maybe they were just sun tanning or went for a roll in the hay.

We were all riding happily, socializing when Yael fell sideways to her left and immediately Ingride fell to her right, right on top of her. I witnessed it all from behind and raced to them, luckily both of them were physically okay but Ingride was in quite a shock for running over Yael.
They shook it off and the rest of the ride was quite smooth all the way to trusty Landwer!

Surprisingly when we arrived there was already a table with a big group of people but Landwer still managed to find place to squeeze us in (not that we gave them a choice) Ted who arrived this morning from London managed to join us for breakfast.
For the first time there was a bit of a mix up in a couple of our orders but it didn't seem to cause enough of a trauma for us to give up on them just yet. If that didn't... an old school muscle car drove by revving its engine to make it roar for all around to notice and that's when I blurted out "well he must have a really small penis!" (In the voice of porky pig) THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
p.s. A shout of "happy birthday" to José


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