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Ride Report - Sat. March 28, 2015 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Richard

Ok, you would think that "someone" would understand that asking the directionally challenged guy to write the ride report would not be a great idea. Now, I am not as bad as some people I know. As far as I am able to remember, we did not cross any borders, so that would indicate to me that we did stay in Israel the whole ride. I did have to verify this with the GPS map that David sent me though! Now being from Colorado and this still being March I thought it was a beautiful day with a great temperature for the ride, but I come from an area that it is possible to get snow every month except August, so consider the source.

We started at our normal location with 18 riders. We do want to give a big welcome to Mike who rode with us for the first time, we look forward to seeing you again soon! We headed north, crossing Weizmann and continuing on the pavement until we took a jog to the left and started on the dirt trail. After following the drainage ditch for a while and still heading north, we were back on pavement for a bit as we rode through Bene Ziyyon. Still going north we made a loop around Udim for the return ride south through the nature reserve, (not sure of the name). This time going south through the bamboo tunnel. For some reason it seemed harder to ride through it going south, but I'm sure it is just me. Remember, I have challenges! Before connecting back up with the drainage ditch that we rode next to on our way north, we discovered our sweeper Ted was missing. Once David called him and they figured out where we each were, Ted joined up with us. As we finished the ride, I noticed the strong smell of the orange blossoms, as we passed through the orchards. We finally ended the 35 km ride at Landwers for good coffee and conversations. All I have to say is the magnum coffee mug, wow! Until next ride. Everyone have a great week and Hag Sameach.


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