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Ride Report - Sat. May 9, 2015 - Home patch ride report -  By Ted

531 Expeditionary Force

Just before moving to Ra'anana in 1971 locals here reassured me that 531 was just about to be constructed. 10 years later local politicians kept making a similar claim but I was wiser by then and dismissed the "imminent threat" and adopted the attitude "not in my lifetime". Despite what I saw today on the ride in the investigative expedition of 521 we conducted I stick to my guns although I admit the optimist in me was sorely tempted to believe I may still drive down 531. The down side is the total destruction of tracts of land and obviously to the eco systems and fauna that existed there until those massive Cats drove them away or killed the poor blighters. The sight of lake "Mousse" was alarming and I wonder if straying kids could fall victim to the idea of dipping in this massive lake of "Choco". Heaven Forbid!!! Easy to see where one billion dollars have gone in constructing 531. The alchemy trade is still going on. Turning gold into concrete. As for the rest of the ride, David chose a resurrected version of an old route and we had a great and uneventful ride or worse my aging memory just fails to think up something of value. Passing Ha'aretz HQ was a reminder that the printed news biz is becoming a thing of the past and will contribute to saving many, many trees .The weather warmed up to remind us that summer is just round the corner but it was not only bearable,,,,, I even enjoyed the light caressing breeze on the faster stretches. Seeing Dina ride towards us on her first attempt at off- roading was a personal pleasure for me and we all hope to see her back riding on her" Light Steed" just as in the past. Landwer is a hard habit to kick so we ended up there for bkfst and Michal made it back from her run in TA in time to share an omelet with JC. Life is gooooooooooooooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!


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