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Ride Report - Sat. Feb. 28, 2015 - Tour de Tel Aviv -  By Hylton Sher

Oh well, as I was the one who suggested a Tel Aviv ride, I suppose I'd better do the obligatory write-up.

Ten of us met at the back of the Ramat Gan stadium this morning, ready to roll. However someone, possibly me or David or Ingride made a comment on current politics, and so a verbal "exchange of views" ensued, loosely based; although on second thoughts, not so loosely based, on the recent political debate among the various parties, sans the two main rivals. In the end I suggested that we put "the cat among the pigeons" by asking Richard to moderate as he "had no real axe to grind". Naturally Richard was having none of that, so" it was all over, bar the shouting" as they say, and we got on with the original business of the day and set off.

We followed our regular route along the right bank of the Yarkon River until we arrived at the large lake in the middle of the park, and instead of continuing on, we detoured towards the " Sheva Tachanot" or Seven Mills These old flour mills on the banks of the Yarkon River are located within Yarkon Park (Gannei Yehoshua) in Tel Aviv. Until the late 1920s, some of them had worked for centuries. One can take a breather from bustling Tel Aviv to walk the landscaped paths with their views of the mills, and cross a gently flowing stream via a picturesque wooden bridge and the old dam that provided the water pressure that once operated the mills.

From there we followed the left bank of the river and on to the boardwalk along the seafront in Tel Aviv. We rode through Jaffa port an towards Bat Yam, but decided to turn back early, to look for a watering hole. We made a bee line for one of my favorite restaurants called "Puaa", which is situated in the Flea Market and found it open for business, which never seemed to be the case on previous TA rides. Five of the original ten decided to carry on to the parking lot in Ramat Gan, and the remaining ones enjoyed a good chat and refreshments. Then it was back to Ramat Gan Stadium. All told, I hope, a very pleasant and interesting morning.


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