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Ride Report - Sat. Sept. 13, 2014 - Home Patch - Hod HaSharon - Yarkon River and Source -  By Richard

Ok, so I've been asked to do the ride write-up this week. This is the first time I've done this and I know that you all of you will go easy on me as I am names and locations challenged.

This week we started with 20 brave riders. Most rides start by riding west but this time our fearless leader David took us east along Ahuza. After about 1Km we turned south and stayed in that direction for quite a while. We went through neighborhoods I have never been before, so it was very enjoyable. We crossed road 4 and continued to the Yarkon river at which time we headed east. It was nice to ride along the river and through the bamboo tunnels. At the concrete house, there was a large group of bikers and so we took a quick break. Several from our group knew some of the other riders so it was a nice time to reconnect. At road 5 our group split up, 10 continued east and the rest of us riding south under road 5. We rode by the Baptist Village and I was asked to give a short tour though the property, which I gladly did. If anyone missed it and would like to come for a visit, just let me know. Continuing our ride, we made a loop coming back to road 5 and road 6 intersection. We made our way north to Hod Hasharon where we stopped for our most important part of the morning, our coffee break. Afterward, we pretty much split up into three groups and went our separate ways home, with three of us making it back to the morning starting point. It was a great ride and even better company.

I do have to say that on the ride home I really need to watch out for those dangerous poles on the sidewalks, they jump out and attack you. After one grabbing my handlebars and knocking me to the ground, I was able to protect the bike from the ground with my body shielding it from any damage. I always try to keep my priorities straight and save the bike from any injuries. All is well.


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