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Ride Report - Sat. Nov. 1, 2014 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Michal

Two south Africans, a Hungarian, a Brit and a nut job meet up at 07:30 am...
The weather forecast promised storms that would be appropriate for the Mayans predictions of December 2012... All suited up with rain coats we rode off to the unknown.
It didn't take long to realize that the raincoats were kind of useless and those who were scared of the rain missed out on a great ride.
The route was quite routine but the company had a different vibe than usual... A bag of worms was open when I decided to quote Bibi's new nickname (chicken sh** for those who don't listen to the news). The rest of the ride had become a political one with John continuing endlessly as only he can on the subject. A little break from politics was due to David, who stopped a random kid and his mother as he noticed that the child's tire needed air. A job and a mitzvah well done and we were back on our bikes just to find some graffiti to ignite John back to BIbi...
My ADD and the lack of trees had me staring at the skies, mesmerized by mother nature and the amazing cloud formation.
A few puddles, on the way near cinema city, if puddles is the correct term for the water reaching just above our pedals... At this point i noticed that John had caught some "sea weed" on his chain. Talia rode ahead to tell David and Anna to stop and wait while we treated his bike. We did not smoke the weed but were "high" for most of the ride so who knows...
Up the stairs over the bridge and down the other side to discover that Bar Refaeli, a constant at this place, has moved, leaving some advertising space for whoever is interested.
Anna leading us to a new path taking us to the view of Herzelia beach from above, where John brought politics back to the table as he took a photo of some "big pricks".
For the rest of our ride John and i were yanking Talia's chains, figuratively, not literally for a change all the way to breakfast and a bit after...
At this point the clouds started to shift, making us think that we might actually see the wrath that was promised. I personally felt like we were in a scene from "Twister" looking straight into the black clouds thinking that no storm is too strong for our crew...
A great breakfast at "Tapuz", only after a few raindrops made us move inside...
The vibe was cynical and whimsical... So much fun for a ride that was supposed to be wet and challenging.
To all the lazy bums and scaredy cats who stayed in bed, you really did miss out on a fun ride!


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