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Ride Report - Saturday April 12. 2014 - Tel Mond - Ilanot Netanya East -  By Yvette

The "not so far" away ride

It wasn't far to go to reach the starting point of this ride - the parking lot by Tel Mond's school. An impressive group of 23 riders started out on the sunny morning led by Ilan. Tel Mond was formed as an agricultural village in 1929 by Sir Alfred Moritz Mond later known as Lord Melchett, a former British minister and president of the British Zionist Federation.

We rode northwards out of Tel Mond into the neighbouring moshav of Ein Vered (Rose Spring). Originally an intensive farming community, established in the southern Sharon in 1930, by South African Jewry. We rode through the peaceful roads onwards into the moshav of Ein Sarid (survivor spring). This village was founded in 1950 as a ma'abera - refugee absorption camp for new immigrants. The people that settled here were brought to work in the neighboring moshavim and were not allocated any agricultural land for themselves. It was here on the outskirts that we stopped to admire the beautiful wild flowers, the results of a wildflower restoration project in the sand dunes of surrounding agricultural fields.

Moving westwards we rode along the bicycle path leading us towards the Kadima forest, a lovely nature retreat. We continued westwards through the forest and out into moshav Tzur Moshe, founded as part of the Tower and Stockade program in 1937 by 20 immigrants from Greece. Riding through the moshav here we followed the roads leading us to the eastern side of Ilanot Forest. Here KKL has planted a tree arboretum, a forest museum which has over 750 different species of trees from all over the world. After a short break viewing the only 2 cork trees that exist in Israel, we moved on, going under road 4 by means of an underground bridge to the other side of the forest. We continued on the bicycle paths through the forest and out into some sandy fields and again onto firm ground. From here we could see the stadium of Netanya as we rode north westwards through the fields and orange groves heading towards the newer neighborhood of Netanya, Kiriat Ha'Sharonim. Turning southwards we were rewarded with a view similar to those of Tuscany. A few hills were mastered with a little sand thrown in for fun as we returned once again to the Ilanot forest riding next to the Hadassim Youth Village, established in 1947 by Canadian Hadassa Wizo. From here we rode back into the forest and under road 4 through Ilanot forest and onto the quiet roads of Kadima and back into Tel Mond. Altogether, it was a pleasurable easy ride and 28 km were covered in great company.

For Ilan and myself this is our local "home patch"ride and it was a pleasure to share it with our fellow friends and riders of Cyclenix. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we do.


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