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Ride Report - Dec. 7, 2013 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By John

Will it or won't it rain? That was the question that must have crossed the minds (since yesterday) of all those Cyclenix contemplating cycling this morning. At 5.15am I peeped out of the window. It was raining! I had already decided that rain or no rain, I was going to ride. Within 30 minutes the rain had stopped and from 5.45am messages commenced via cell phones enquiring whether it was raining in Ra'anana and who was and was not cycling.

7.30am arrived. The rain had stopped and 14 riders were assembled at thje usual starting point and raring to go. We strated off riding West down Ahuza Street and carrying on down The Park road with the intention of going North parallel to the construction site of the new 531 Highway. We did in fact turn North as intended and immediately entered the mud fields which had resulted from the rains during the night. Rishpon/Ra'anana railway crossing was reached and then turned South cycling to the Herzliya level crossing and making our way to the Herzliya Park. From there we headed for the Herzliya Marina but before entering it we turned South cycling along the top of the cliffs between Herzliya and the Mandarin Beach. At the Mandarin we headed East towards the Coastal Highway, then headed North again; crossed over the bridge at Cinema City, and headed for the fields of Ramat Hasharon, eventually landing up at Tapuz, Herzliya where we enjoyed a welcome brunch break. The food and service at Tapuz was first class. Up until then the weather had been perfect but, as we began paying for our easts and drinks the rain started . Those who had rain gear donned the gear and we headed for home with the rain increasing in intensity all the way to Ra'anana. We reached home, muddy, wet and happy after great +/- 28 km ride.

There is nothing as refreshing as a good ride in the rain, with a bit of mud added for fun!


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