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Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 28th, 2013 - Arugot (South) -"The Endomondo Challenge!" 28th December, 2013: The last Cyclenix Ride this year! -  By Stuart Ballan

Today in `Arugot, Hamerkaz, Israel:

"THE BATTLE OF THE CELLPHONES" - This 30km ride, with all its beautiful weather, scenery and people, could turn out to influence the global buying decisions of consumers, related to preferred choice of cellphones.

It was perhaps the end-December sun that went to the heads of a few, that in turn, triggered some "Grand National" type sprints, with the traditional 4 galloping legs replaced by 2 spinning wheels. With only 5km left to the finishing line, some still had too much energy, releasing it for some memorable sprints along the "home straight". But the commentator, riding on Carbon White, and whipping it to its limits, battled to stay ahead of the Black Knight on his left and the "American 29er" on his right. But this wasn't about the best bike. Not even about egos. On the contrary, it was about ... cellphones. Let's start again. As the trio topped 40kph, the iPhone5 nosed ahead of the Samsung S3, with the previously unheard of Samsung Ace Plus rapidly fading, despite a last-gasp bid to place the stars and stripes higher on the virtual podium. With the finish line in sight, the last hurdle behind them, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung S3 crossed the line nearly together. Who came first? Miss CameraPro hadn't entered the picture yet, as she was too far behind to capture the photo finish, but if you're an iPhone user, you'll know.

But it didn't end there. As all the riders slowly returned to their respective stables, 3 friends, connected also by Endomondo tracking software, posted their respective ride results of the SAME ride, on the web. Carbon White and Miss CameraPro had each enjoyed using an iPhone, whilst the Black Knight thought he enjoyed his Samsung S3. Whilst all 3, who started and finished the ride more or less together, recorded a distance of nearly precisely 30km, Endomonso reported Carbon White took 1hr 55m, Miss CameraPro took 2hr 19m, whilst Black Knight took a remarkable 3hr 22m.

Carbon White and Black Knight rode the whole ride together, but having returned to the start point together (after 1hr 55m and 3hr 22m, respectively!), 30km on, Carbon White ended up 20m higher than his starting point, whilst Black Knight ended up nearly 10m lower that when he started. Miss CameraPro ended a full 20m lower than her (same) start point, making finding her car a 3-dimensional challenge. Still, Miss CameraPro was able to travel lighter than her 3 friends, as Endomondo reported she only needed to drink 1.19 liters of water, whilst Carbon White needed 1.47 liters and Black Knight, who is renowned for drinking the minimum, should have sunk a full 4.16 liters; an amount backpacks have not yet been designed for.

But this is all detail. Let's get on to what's important. Out trusty Endomono reported that Miss CameraPro burned only 909 calories, whilst Carbon White left 1,520 calories behind. Probably an OK ratio given this boy/gal thing. But the surprise was Black Knight, who it seems lost a massive 2,748 calories, perhaps due to the "ball and chain" 4.16 liters of water he was supposed to have made disappear.

In conclusion, and without giving the result away, whilst Steve Jobs would have been proud of the "nearly photo finish" Grand National sprint, if all you want is to lose weight, the Samsung S3 is the one for you.

What did you do today?

(Editors Note: this entire post was updated using an iPhone5, so we know where I stand on this issue)


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