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Ride Report - Saturday, June 29th, 2013 - Alonim-Tzipori-Beit Lechem HaGlili Ride Report -  By Yvette

Five cars pulled into the meeting place, the Alonim car park at 7:05 on Saturday morning. Ten riders in all, we greeted one another cheerfully whilst getting our bikes ready for the ride.

David led the way out of the center and we were soon on our way off road in fields.

We were warned of the steep incline that was waiting for us not too soon into the ride but we still reached it unprepared. Ingrid was still riding when everyone else had dismounted and we were happy for a rest and some snacks when we reached the top.

Reaching Kiryat Tivon we enjoyed the road ride passing beautiful homes only to be directed once again off road by David. This time we had a steep descent heading towards Nachal Zippori. We reached the old mill that had been renovated and stopped for a photo and drink before moving on. The scenery was lovely although there wasn't much of a breeze. We rode on further, trying to find a place to cross the river which was quite high for this time of year. After managing to find a place to cross on stepping stones using our bikes to balance ourselves, we moved on to a lovely resting place next to a large pool. From here on we rode on, up hills and down, through pomegranate groves and once again up another steepish hill. We moved on, reaching Bet Lechem HaGlalit after a steepish climb. The view here of the beautiful houses was most refreshing and it was also here that those who needed, refilled their water bottles. From here it was a down hill ride, back into the fields and a short ride until we could see the familiar sight of the car park where our cars where waiting. Some 30 kilometers were covered and we were a little more tired than when we started but once again, a great ride in good company. The milkshake and diet coke that we drank also added to our good mood as we faced the journey home.

I am also happy to report that not one puncture and bike repair was reported on this lovely ride!

To see David's GPS data for this ride you can go here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/334702739


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