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Ride Report - Sat. July 20, 2013 - Har Horshan Reserve Away ride -  By Ted

Har Horshan Reserve is one of those unique regions that remain in the realm of "top secret" because the public in general is not aware of its existence nor its potential.

Cyclenix has been close to the reserve in the past and even rode various sections but this is the first and probably not the last time we have circumnavigated the reserve. The route is well marked by the SPNI signs and we followed the recommended route as described by Eli Seth in his cycling route guide. Our problem was getting to the start point at Amikam (my people have risen?) a quaint Moshav tucked in by the gentle slopes of lower Horshan. We arrived late because David, a lover of classical music, leading the convoy, was in total distraction at the hands of Tchaikovsky. But we did arrive and found several more of the group waiting impatiently.

By the time we departed we numbered 16 (17 see below) in all including Boaz's wife Naomi who rode her inaugural ride with Cyclenix today. Welcome and hope to see you in future rides. We set of passing park Alona an archeological mini wonderland dating from Roman times and we were able to follow (but could not see) the ancient hill carved limestone aqueduct with its modern counterpart laying alongside. We then followed the path of Nachal Snunit northwards before commencing the climb to the top of Horshan at apprx 220 meters. The initial climb section was technically demanding as it was rock lined and the pattern continued for 2-3 kms proving to be quite challenging for several who rightly so walked in some sections. The paths were bordered by brush and miniature oaks. This was the hottest part but it included several scenic panoramas as we stopped to refill our lungs. It was there that we realized our numbering attendees system included number 10 who was non existing and that we were actually 16 not 17 riders. So much for organization!!!

The weather became more acceptable as cloud cover provided shelter from the July sun and we continued our upward motion interspersed with several pleasant down-hills. We met riders overtaking us and some coming from the opposite direction and I made mental note to look at doing this ride in the reverse next time. We rested twice, the final time being in the junction that includes the route to Bat Shlomo. We had a fress-up and then set off downhill to Amikam. The way down included a chalky powdery section which was quite challenging in parts and some smelly cow dung littered sections but before long we were in Amikam.

Some complained that 17 kls was too short and perhaps we cud have included several more paths but we leave that for our next ride. There are rumours in Amikam of a ghost rider bearing the number 10 on his back who joins groups and then disappears only to reappear later with another group. We drove off to have breakfast at Hadera in order to discuss "is there or isn't there a ghost rider".

Thanks to David for a job well done.


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