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Ride Report - Sat. July 27, 2013 - Home Patch Ride Report -  By Yvette

Considering the heat and the time of year it was another good turn out for the local morning ride. Welcome to Kinga and Nir, two new riders who joined for the first time and a warm welcome back to Frederique who lately has been road riding more than off road.

Seventeen of us headed northwards out of Raanana towards the industrial area and out on the familiar route by the orange groves.

We reached Bazra and carried on through Bnei Zion eventually hitting the groves of Tel Itzhak.

A sharp turn left and up a steep incline caused quite a few of us to stop midway to gain our breath before carrying on to reach the top. From here we had a fast ride down, past the petrol station and through the fields to come out by the familiar bridge crossing of Tel Itzhak. Carrying on we rode a familiar route, sandier than the last time, making our way through Udim and stopping at the circle by Yakum to regroup. From here we rode through Yakum's orange and avocado groves and out along by the railway tracks. It was around here that the first puncture of the day delayed half of the riders, whilst David and Avi helped to fix Yossi's punctured tire.

By the time Yossi had caught up the "lone rider" waiting for them, it was here that I discovered that I also had a puncture. It was quickly dealt with by the capable hands of David and Avi. We continued on to find the leaders of the pack picking pasiflora at the famous "pasiflora junction" and from here we all moved on closer to Ranaana and the coffee that keeps us all going! Enjoying the food and the good service at the Park Cafe, I later found my tire was once again flat. An expert lesson by David and Ted on how to change it in less than 5 minutes left me thankful that I hadn't been on my own when this had happened! I am eternally grateful and hope that Ilan was listening and watching carefully! Another great ride, just over 33 km were covered.

See you all next week :)


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