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Ride Report - Sat. Jan. 19, 2013 - The Longest Day -  By Ted

So what took us so long to finish a "routine" home patch ride? In my previous life as an executive I was required to analyze occasionally how I spent my time in an average day so I conducted a time analyses on what were the extras on this particular ride

  1. Sand 40%
  2. Extended Lunch for 15 or so persons 20% (40 different orders of coffee types did not add to the "fast food" image of Si). Cold, hot, skimmed, no froth, espresso, longo, latte, paper cap, small, ceramic,( phew, I'm out of breath recalling)
  3. Sand 20%
  4. Ingride's archeological expedition 5%
  5. Just enjoying the conditions 12%
  6. Miscellaneous 3%
There was always a miscellaneous in my career analyses so as not to break the habit I included one for yesterdays Longest Day ride.

Dina's route (she discovered this and must be held accountable) is one that challenges the imagination. We routinely avoid it on the grounds (more than a grain of sand in that) it is sandy. The myth is that after rains it is ride-able but it is only a myth and in fact is never ride-able. David's small detour to avoid the sand was proof that the myth is nothing but myth. All variations to Dina's route sink into the sandy wastes.

As for the ride it was nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable as we dressed, undressed, dressed, undressed and so forth. The sun was sunny when it shone and the sky cloudy in between(what else could it be?). The green was green and the blue was blue. The damage caused by the storm was evident but more so at Ga'ash where a lake has suddenly appeared. But seriously folks, it was fun, albeit long!!!!!!!!! And even the political discussion was entertaining. Another perfect ride. As for the time it took Dina correctly remarked "what's the hurry". Who indeed cares if it took a little longer.


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