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Ride Report - Sat. Nov 17, 2012 - Tel Aviv Ride -  By Hylton

As I was the one who suggested a Tel Aviv ride this Saturday, November 17, 2012, John insisted that I be the one to do the write-up.

Well, OK then, we met at the assigned starting place opposite Ramat Gan Stadium, and at the outset 15 souls arrived; a good start. We got going and rode through Park Hayarkon and on to the Tayelet at Tel Aviv Port. At this stage Adrian and Stephen left us (why I ax myself; too slow for you guys???) and we continued along the Tel Aviv beachfront with a few stops here and there to let the stragglers catch up.

Then it was on through Jaffa and towards Bat Yam. But as we sighted the beach front Tayelet here, we decided it was too congested and did an about turn (not a retreat Megan!!) and started making our way back via a stop at "Puah", one of my favorite restaurants, and my first suggestion to the group for a coffee stop. They were not to open for another half hour, so we left via a short ride through the deserted Flea Market and on towards the "Tachana" ( old and totally revamped train station), my second suggestion. However, here we were told that we were not allowed to bring our bikes into the pedestrian area but instead, could chain or lock them up outside. No Way Jose. This was my second suggested stop for coffee.

So onward we went through Neve Tzedek with a stop at another favourite, "Susanna", but here they told us another 15 to 20 minutes before they open. Third suggested stop went by the wayside. By this stage the Motley Crew were getting a little thirsty and hungry, and I got the feeling that I was about to have a "revolt" on my hands!!!! However, I promised that as soon as we hit Rothschild Blvd. all would be OK.

We entered the southern end of the Blvd. and I began by recommending coffee place after coffee place; all of them already tried and tested by moi, but to no avail; either too crowded or too small for a group of thirteen. Finally we ended up at Landweer coffee shop on the Blvd. where we persuaded the waitress to arrange 13 chairs and four small round tables to accommodate us. Actually it was rather nice. However I, of course, informed the group that this would not have been my choice, as it was the only establishment with whom I had not previously arranged a "kickback"!!!!!


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