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Ride Report - Sat. Sept 22, 2012 - New Year Wheeling -  By Frances

Seven of us pitched up for the first ride of the new year (5773). Seven is, of course, an auspicious number in Judaism - so this can only be a good sign for the coming Cyclenix year! An example close to us now is that on Sukkot we shake 7 species - 1 Lulav, 1 Etrog, 2 willows, and 3 myrtles. And Sukkot is one of the 7 Jewish holidays celebrated during the year.

We headed off on our usual route and enjoyed a ride in good weather with very little sand. Quite a few ups and downs to keep our heart rate up. For those of us ninnies (led by me) some of the stony downs were too much after our Rosh HaShanna eating and drinking, so we walked. Had our brave compatriots been there (Megan and Merrill) we would never have been allowed to walk....

Many of our regulars are gadding about the world having fun, so all I can say is that you missed a pleasant 30 km in good company and some tasty treats at our favourite gas station. Gmar Chatima Tova to all.


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