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Ride Report - Sat. April 7, 2018 - Home patch report  -  By Ted

When 31 riders turned up this morning but no David or Ingride, Uzi was "volunteered" to lead the ride. After Pesach with Matzos, heavy and sweet food, family squabbles, wine, song and more "whine", screaming kids and an overdose of Ma Nishtana, a ride cures all which explains the heavy turnout.

So Uzi decided to go easy on the group and ride the Cinema City route via Herzeliya. Perfect weather greeted the group with the sun peering occasionally to remind us that summer is just around the corner.

Barely 15 minutes into the ride Barbara had gear issues which our in-house tech people could not solve so back home she went with Beni in tow after hearing of her troubles. A little further down on the Herzeliya park approach we ran into a rider whose rear wheel became entangled in twine but no amount of effort brought total relief but we were able to get him mobile as our tech group created innovative miracles. Some of our "lost riders" by then were back in the fold too.

I should have mentioned that at the starting point we already encountered problems in Alon's brake pad change leading him to decide to ride with only the rear brake. The tech group was already on the go before the start so the omen was there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we managed to regroup at the Ramat Hasharon "army" base but by the time we reached cinema city part of the group headed for home. The remainder continued to Sea and Sun, a glimpse at the sea and back via the Marina. Last heard they were heading for Arcafe.

A special mention about John our co-founder and resident photographer who has mercilessly and diligently documented the rides for over 20 years. According to my calculations he has shot over twenty thousand photos and if you have trouble accepting that factually, I have the numbers to prove it.

Thanks John for your tireless efforts or should I say tyreless efforts!?

Other more recent shooters include Rafi, Yochi, Avram and Michal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get well David. By order!!!!!!!!!!!!


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