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Ride Report - Sat. Jan. 20, 2018 - Ride Report - Holy MUD and other surprises! -  By Michal

20 riders pitched up for the home patch ride on this chilly winter morning. We welcomed my friend Nitsa for the ride and hopefully for others as well.

The aim of the day was a nice easygoing home patch with a couple of fun surprises planned by David for Ingrides 20 th Birthday. So we started pedaling up Ahuza towards Herzelia where we hit an unplanned turd (sorry I have a cold). Holy MUD! And we were deep in it! Trying to push our way through, while constantly cleaning off our wheels and derailers to prevent any costly damage.

At last we found clear grounds! Still cleaning off our bikes we were happy with every puddle that would wash away the mud. The mud detour had David shorten his original plans due to surprises that would be later throughout the ride. it was quite amusing listening to David brush off THE question of the day: where are we going to have breakfast? I happened to be in the loop of things because of my interfering on the previous day in the ride plans. We headed to the Herzelia beach cliff on the cleanest way that we could to enjoy a nice birthday celebration for Ingrides birthday. Ingride had brought a couple cakes and Haim brought his infamous Limoncello. We sang, had cake and got a nice buzz going on for the rest of our ride.

Continuing back the way we came and alongside the 531 leaving everyone wondering where we were going. Still with the repetitive question in the background like a mediation mantra: where are we going for breakfast? David nonchalantly brushed them off with the simple answer that we haven't decided yet.

At this point we were very close to our destination and I could hear Ingride telling Frances about how their daughter lives near by. Surprisingly we just happen to ride right past the entrance to her house as David remembered that he missed a turn. A maneuver that could only afterwards be seen as a small decoy. Entering Simonas garden it still seemed as if Ingride Innocently hadn't picked up on the surprise! waiting there was a lovely spread organized by her loving husband, daughter, son in law and grandchild.

I have to mention the small details... David made two infamous traditional birthday cakes. A cheese cake and a chocolate cake they were both yummy! Simona prepared a lovely book with photos of precious times for all of us to write in it for Ingride. Haim prepared birthday hats because it ain't a B-day without party hats! Last but not least little Eden brought down the house with the cutest little smile and confidence that one can expect from a toddler.

P.S no tell Simona but I'm sure he had more strawberries than he was allowed to have

Happy Birthday Ingride and many more to come! Love from all Cyclenix members!


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