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Ride Report - Sat. Feb. 24, 2018 - Dorot (in the South) -  By Michal

According to the weekly bulletin, we were supposed to meet at 08:00 am at Ruhama.
A simple task one would say...

I set my clock for 06:00 but somehow woke up a bit later than that... (no need for specifics) since I have never done this route I decided to try and get there without being too late. I phoned David to tell him I was running a "bit" late, got on Kvish 6, and floored it.

Just arriving at Beit Kama I phoned David to discover that the link was incorrect and we are starting at Dorot. So another couple minutes delay... what's the difference.
So I pitched up half an hour late... surprisingly no one was waiting with a pitchfork or noose.

We hopped on our bikes and started riding. Luckily the weather was in our favor, not hot nor cold and rainy even though the forecast predicted some rain. The mud from previous rainfalls had cleared up and the single was superb! There still are quite a bit of anemone coronaria (calaniot) and we just could not go home without the famous red south photos.

Some rode faster, some slower, and others depending on where and when they were behind the first or the latter. Surprisingly, though it was not a difficult ride a few felt a bit winded. We stopped for a small snack break in hope to recover. Personally my legs felt the ride so I was very happy to stop for some of "Raffi's nuts", from Uri, Raffi, Frances and whoever opened a packet for the general public. {Sorry Uri but it has become a brand name ;-)}

We continued...
Uri had some chain problems and it seemed the group had split into three smaller groups. The faster riders continued riding ahead till they got to the cars, while some of us waited at a turning point for the last group to catch up.

Singing through the single all the way back to our cars we can sum it up as a great ride with fun company. We covered just about 30 kilometers, which after, 8 of us dined at Aroma, Beit Kama.

A little suggestion for our leaders "shlom bait": when your wife asks you a question, whether you find it just or not, interpretive dance is better than cynicism.


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