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Ride Report - Sat. Dec. 30, 2017 - Local Ride - Cyclenix Year End Ride -  By Stephen Schulman

It was grey winter morning when at our usual gathering place, the multicolored Cyclenix Flying Phalanx gathered for its year end foray into the wilds of the Sharon. The weather was perfect for cycling: overcast and with a little nip in the air (just like the forecast before the attack on Pearl Harbor) that invites you to pedal long and hard without breaking into a sweat. (Kindly note: ladies do not sweat, they glow).

Leaving the rear outskirts of Raanana and proceeding along the orchards, we soon reached Bnei Zion where turning right, we went through a tunnel to emerge in Sde Warburg, a most prosperous looking moshav whose homes would do any residential area proud. Soon we were once more in the fields and thankful that the kindly rains had damped down the earth to make it passable, an otherwise impossible task in summer where we would have had to drearily trudge through the sand!

Reaching Moshav Tsufit, we passed through it to finally arrive at Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu. Personally, the kibbutz was a bit of a disappointment as I didn't encounter any of its members wearing shorts, sandals and "kova tembels" making the most of their Saturday morning by dancing the "hora" in the main square to the accompaniment of an accordion. It seems that our country's pioneering spirit is now well and truly deceased!

Our phalanx then rode along the kibbutz's perimeter path, exiting and returning via the fields to the northern suburbs of Kfar Saba where, turning right at the junction, we returned to Raanana. Our homing instincts were well honed and David faithfully and swiftly led us to Cyclenix's favourite watering hole the Café Landwer. There, suitably ensconced, fed and watered, the jolly company engaged in light bantering, jocularity and exchanging of wisdoms before wending our way homewards full of goodwill towards our fellow beings.

All in all, a good ride, a great morning and an excellent way to see the old year out. May we enjoy many more such year endings and all in the best of health


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