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Ride Report - Sat. Jan. 13, 2018 - Ride Report  -  By Michal

Away ride - Hazorea

Two bulletins were sent out. the first one announcing another home patch ride. While reading I could hear Davids disappointment to another away ride postponed due to the weather. Lucky for us the gods listened to his prayers and the moment there was a hint to decent weather another bulletin was sent out.
15 Cycelnixers gathered for the blessed occasion. Arik arrived with his new purchase: A brand new carbon Rocky Mountain which got well-deserved "ooh ahhs".
After an absence of a few weeks I surprised a few people and I am glad that it seems that I was missed. The ride was not the regular KKL ride in the singles but a route that we have previously done about two years back.
At the beginning of the ride Kobi asked if it will be very hilly I replied without any knowledge what so ever that it won't be too bad and the pace will be easygoing. The pace was definitely nice and slow however I think I owe him an apology since we did cover about 500 meters of climbing.
Anna wasn't feeling good, already at the beginning. But Anna being Anna she continued and finished the ride. We hope you are feeling better for next weeks ride. When we arrived to the water spring we enjoyed a short stop and some of Raffis nuts. Then we made our grand attempt to cross the river. It was hopeless it could not be crossed without getting your feet wet. While that is fun on a hot summers day, not so much in winter... even if it is our sissy Israeli winter.
We all sucked it up, crossed the river with help from the chivalrous Cyclenix men and could continue with our ride. We now found mud. I did make sure to mention to David that this wouldn't have happened if we would have done the KKL route, however the water and mud definitely added to the fun factor of the ride... my pointless remark probably a bit less.
We had a few challenging uphill's that raised our heart rates and a few wrong turns which always add to the character of the ride. Surprisingly I had a brilliant moment which shortened an uphill towards the end of the ride, but don't expect that to happen too often. It is a rare occasion that I remember previous paths. We all enjoyed a great ride in nice chilled weather with signs that Israel does get a few drops of rain a year. The ride itself was fun and challenging and the company was relaxed and easy going.
We covered 25 kilometers with about 500 meters of climbing and the majority enjoyed breakfast at Yankale.
The signs of the upcoming spring are already visible so make sure to join so you don't miss it.


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