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Ride Report - Sat. May 13, 2017 - Home Patch -  By Talia

There was a great number of cyclists at the meeting point this morning - far too many to count, so we didn't. I did get one or two disapproving comments about my bike, which was still filthy from last week's ride, but most people were too busy chatting to notice.

At some point, someone yelled "People, we're going" and off we set. We cycled along Ahuza, into the fields behind the Park Mall, over Route 5 and through Gan Rashal and Nachalat Ada. Crossing the railway line, we turned north along the Israel Route with its outdoor statues. One statue in particular, got our attention, with people volunteering names such as "Erectile Dysfunction" and "After" for it.

We continued in the general direction of Rishpon, Arsuf, Shfa'im, and Ga'ash - crossing Route 2 after Rishpon and skirting the Ga'ash golf course - until we neared the southern border of Wingate. Taking a break at Yakum to catch our breaths, we couldn't help admiring two stunning white vintage Cadillacs basking in the sun. From Yakum we followed the railway line southwards, turning east through the fields near Route 531. We passed the now fruitless avocado orchards, continued onwards through Kfar Nachman and the Lev Ha'Park neighborhood in Ra'anana, and as usual ended the ride at Landver. We were joined by Dina, Michal and Yoav, who hadn't ridden with us today.

The breakfast conversation was varied, jumping from the quietest room in the world to whether accidently putting money in the washing machine could be considered as money laundering. There were also some jokes that I won't repeat here.

To summarize, it was a fast and challenging ride of 31km, with a fair amount of sand but in weather conditions that were still bearable, and with the usual good company and laughs.

Editors Note: Talia gets douze points from the UK judge for this report!


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